She’s Dead. Do We Really Care?

There’s still a strong taboo about speaking ill of the dead. Quite why we should refrain from expressing our opinions when the person involved has had a detrimental effect, not only on our own lives but those of possibly millions of people, is not too clear. But, it’s not considered the ‘done thing’.

As a consequence, Sparrow Chat has passed no comment on the death of ex-British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, though thousands have tweeted, twittered, and generally sounded their displeasure over her policies, since the announcement of her death last Monday.

Perhaps the most galling aspect of her passing is that the present right-wing government of David Cameron is sparing no expense of British taxpayers’ money to lay on a lavish state funeral for the woman. He was quoted in one BBC report as stating, “Margaret Thatcher saved this country…”, though from what it’s hard to imagine.

No doubt the great British public will turn out in their thousands to line the pavements as the cortege wends its way through London’s streets. And why shouldn’t they – after all they are paying for it. Sadly, for many, it’ll not be because they adored Thatcher, but simply that such an event is a novelty not to missed in their otherwise humdrum lives, reminiscent of the knitters at la guillotine.

It will be a moment for the nation to remember Margaret Thatcher, and then forget her again – as we’ve happily done for the last twenty-three years.