Sarah Palin: Illegal In The UK

Sarah Palin compared America’s hockey-moms to pit bull terriers. I wonder how many found it complimentary?

Apparently, it’s fine for her to make cheap, jokey, gender-laden remarks designed to raise the crowd to hysterical frenzy at St Paul’s Republican convention, but everyone else must remain silent for fear of the dreaded ‘sexism’ accusation. Well, why not? After all, the Jews adopted a similar tactic, hollering ‘antisemitism’ for sixty years, with admirable results.

Ms Palin considers herself, and the other ‘hockey-moms’ of America, as “pit bulls with lipstick”. Has she really considered the implications of that comparison? The pit bull terrier is not an attractive animal. Bred for the sole purpose of satiating man’s lowest passions, it will instinctively attack others of its species without warning, inflicting grievous and often fatal injuries. Compared to other breeds it lacks intelligence in favor of pugnacity and commonly attacks small children, no doubt falsely assuming them to be canine adversaries.

{Google – ‘pit bull kills child’ for an abundance of evidence}

So dangerous are these animals, the UK and other European nations have banned the keeping of them unless stringent conditions are met. Britain’s Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 prohibits the keeping of pit bulls, Japanese Tosas, and certain other breeds considered dangerous. Exemption certificates may only be authorized if the animal is neutered, insured, muzzled and on a lead at all times out-of-doors.

America is not yet so civilized, though dog-fighting, at least, is illegal in 49 states. As late as January 2008, it was still only a misdemeanor in Wyoming. In the American state of Illinois pit bull terriers are the most common of canine pets, and many are used for dog-fighting. This disgusting and debasing activity is still widely practiced in the state, despite its illegality. Much of it provides funding for gangs.[1]

I doubt that many American ‘hockey-moms’, when they stop to consider the implications, will relish the comparison put forth by Sarah Palin. America’s mom’s are not pit bull terriers. Neither are they, in any way, similar to Sarah Palin.

If Ms Palin is on her way to becoming a ‘pit bull with lipstick’, she still has much to learn. She’s only a puppy. To understand the true depth one has to sink in order to qualify as the human equivalent of the American pit bull terrier she has to study this man – the embodiment of everything ‘pit bull’ in a human being……

Sarah Palin may eventually achieve Cheney’s status as the most despised human on the planet, if she truly perseveres. From her demeanor at the recent Republican Convention it appears likely she will try.

Unfortunately, pit bull terriers of any species can never be trusted. The question for America is whether it wants another pit bull vice president for the next four, or eight, years – or is it time for the breed, en masse, to be banned?

[1] “Illinois man faces dog fighting….charges”, August 21st 2008

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9 Replies to “Sarah Palin: Illegal In The UK”

  1. Flimsy – I don’t doubt she has the Cheney ‘pit bull’ mentality. It’ll take a while for her to mature into the truly mean, pugnacious, evil-hearted, degenerate that is a true Cheney clone.

    Thanks for the interesting link. I’m glad you like the new layout.

  2. I like your new look, RJ – clean, clear, attractive – and Green!

    Ms Palin, for anyone with a left-wing bone in their body, is a scary lady! More evidence to support his view is emerging by the hour – not all of it will prove to be accurate, but even if half of it is, that’s enough!

    I’ve just seen two videos at Liberalland relating to aerial huinting of wolves – which made me feel physically sick. Some of the comments added to my disgust.

    Also, yesterday I read this, written by a Candian journalist

    Obama is looking better by the minute!

  3. Ooh, how do you do this? *lost in admiration*. Left and right, white and green. Nicely done, RJA!
    The truly awfully scary part of Palin is that her approval rating shot above Obama’s after her RNC speech.

    “They” are just lovin’ her out there.

    “They” of course are the ones who wish to have a beer with Bush-the-Dimmer and tell him about what a helluva job he’s doin’ for them.


  4. I believe that Obama will never be allowed to win. His bid for presidency is all for show. If people do stampede over to his bandwagon, i think he will probably suffer the same fate as the people he so ardently imitates; JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.

    Just thinking out loud.
    You know how us old bag ladies love to do that.

  5. Twilight – pleased you like the new look. Yes, Ms Palin is a real cutie. Obama may have his faults but, when it comes to making the best of a bad job….and that’s exactly what this election is turning into.

    Sarah Palin Blog – I don’t think it would be four more years of the same. It could likely be a lot worse….and we never dreamed that would be a possibility.

    WWW – I used a ‘mirror blog’ to do most of the work so it wouldn’t disrupt Sparrow Chat, than just transferred the files across when they were ready. Glad you like it.

    “They” could be the death of us all, and “they” are at least 30% of the voting population. 80 million morons in one place? Only in America.

    Anan – I so wish I didn’t agree with you, but I believe it’s a strong probability.

  6. Pit Bulls like any other dog tries to please their masters, in the hands of sick people they are then transformed to kill.

    I just don’t know who should be insulted in the Pit Bull with lipstick, I doubt if it is Sarah Palin since she was the one who said that…. so it is definitely the pit bulls.

    The election can be better like discussing the issues instead of focusing on the personality of the candidates…….

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