Rejoice! All Is Right In The World Again.

At last, Americans have the reassurances they’ve waited for. We can all come out onto the streets and dance in celebration after today’s speech at the Woodrow Wilson International Center, by John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President.

I swear these titles become more absurd with every passing Administration!

According to John Brennan, drone strikes are ‘legal, ethical, necessary and proportional, overseen with extraordinary care and thoughtfulness, and especially when the target is an American citizen’…though slightly less care and thoughtfulness is involved when the victims happen to be an innocent wedding party, or a group of Pakistani schoolkids playing happily outside their homes.

John Brennan

Take a moment to study the face of this man, imbued with ‘extraordinary care and thoughtfulness’.

It’s been a source of disquiet for (just a few) Americans that the technological achievement of robotic airborne assassination was, perhaps, less than ethical in its usage. John Brennan has now put their fears to rest.

Unfortunately, for the small minority of inconvenient souls not quite ready to swallow wholesale the propaganda of those so arrogant as to believe any utterance they make will be readily accepted as divine truth by the masses, John Brennan failed to supply any references to back up his nauseating statements.

Who, exactly, has reached the perilous conclusion that death dealt from the skies, without trial or justice, is legal, ethical, necessary and proportional? Did John Brennan consult the God Almighty on this issue, or even the head of his own Christian church?

Has he even consulted a dictionary?


1. pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.

2. being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice.

Where, in the name of sanity, is the morality, the rule or standard of right conduct, that decrees it acceptable to summarily apply the death penalty to persons thought to be possibly, or maybe, or remotely, likely to inflict some minor trauma on the Great United States of America? Surely, it can only reside, like some great malignant neoplasm, inside John Brennan’s head.

John Brennan added this postscript to his message:

…drone strikes usually take place with the co-operation of the host government, in full accordance with the law.”

Here, it seems, the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President, has become totally confused over his words, perhaps, as a result of that cancerous tumor. He apparently used the adverb, ‘usually’, when he meant to say, ‘rarely’.

We know this to be true, as most airborne assassinations occur over Pakistan, and John Brennan will be more aware than most of us that the Pakistan government has been demanding the cessation of these cold-blooded killings almost since their inception.

John Brennan must be a very confused man. He’s obviously in need of a vacation. Where better than some peaceful haven, away from the trials, tribulations, and responsibilities of life in the Obama administration. (Sorry, I used the word, ‘trial’ illegally. It’s now been deleted from the American dictionary, considered unnecessary).

I’ve heard the mountainous areas of northern Pakistan can be delightful at this time of year, and would prove a suitably recuperative resort for our Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President.

Though, a word of caution Mister Brennan, I’ve heard it pays to keep an eye on the sky.

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2 Replies to “Rejoice! All Is Right In The World Again.”

  1. You just don’t get it, RJ. We’re entitled to bomb anywhere we like and kill any soul we deem unworthy. We are AMERICA, land of the free, home of the brave and violators of every value we supposedly cherish.

  2. The tyrannous toddler on the globe ready to hammer the hell out of all in its path.

    And who believes this Brennan shyte?

    Oh, the president?

    It is beyond frightening.

    Dignity and integrity and ethics vanished a long, long time ago.


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