Reid And Wright – Two Greats From PBS

Two great current affairs programs aired interesting shows this week. The first, from Frontline, explored the lessons America could learn from other health systems around the world, and compared them to the ailing service provided – for a price – in the US.[1] The film is delivered by T.R. Reid, described by the Washington Post as:

“….a former chief of The Washington Post’s London, Tokyo and Rocky Mountain bureaus……[who]……also had stints covering Congress, national politics and four presidential elections for the paper. He is the author of eight books — three in Japanese — most recently “The United States of Europe: The New Superpower and the End of American Supremacy.””

Don’t think from this that Reid is biased towards European healthcare systems. The arguments for and against are delivered succinctly and without bias.

Bill Moyers Journal devoted its whole hour-long program to an interview with Jeremiah Wright, the retired pastor whose sound-bites the US media have used to whip up a political frenzy over Barack Obama.[2] Wright delivered an intelligent and logical assessment, provided an hour of serious intellectual argument, and left one with, if nothing else, a realization of the deadly power of the media to use sound-bites as a means of twisting and distorting facts. Underneath the ‘hellfire and brimstone’ imagery, Wright comes across as a peace-loving and serious Christian whose belief in the message of Jesus Christ is both accurate and unshakable, which is more than can be said for many who have condemned him, while still professing that faith yet holding no allegiance to its true teachings. Anyone lulled by the media into believing this man is just another ignorant religious black hellraiser needs to watch this program.

Both shows are available for viewing online at the links below.

[1] “Sick Around The World”, Frontline PBS

[2] “Bill Moyer’s Journal – Rev. Jeremiah Wright Interview”

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  1. Not that it’s my country or anything, but; watching the US media i get the distinct feeling that Obama and Clinton are being whipped up to be a sideshow that voters disdain, in favour of the relatively calm white boy the PNAC is offering up. Ya think?

    Hoping your health is ascending.

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