‘Ra ‘Ra, Rudd!

Finally, a politician has had the courage to raise his index finger to the all high and mighty American government, and tell it as it is.

From the BBC:

Australia’s foreign minister has said the US is to blame for the release of thousands of diplomatic cables on Wikileaks, not its Australian founder, Julian Assange.

Kevin Rudd said the release raised questions about US security.

Mr Rudd said he did not “give a damn” about criticism of him in the cables.[1]

In making the statement, Kevin Rudd has gone against his prime minister, Julia Gillard, who in an earlier quote called Assange, “grossly irresponsible”.

It’s good that one politician on the planet has discovered he still has a backbone. All the rest sold their’s to America in exchange for ‘favors’. That’s one thing the leaked cables have revealed.

[1] “Wikileaks: Australia FM blames US, not Julian Assange” BBC, December 8th 2010

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