Postscript To: The African Coastguards

Tonight, the BBC World News reported on an Indian warship, the INS Tabar, that blew an alleged pirate dhow out of the water, after the dhow’s crew “threatened to sink the warship.”

The Tabar is 400 feet long and carries cruise missiles, surface-to-air missiles, and six-barreled 30-mm machine guns for close combat:

No information is available on the size of the pirate dhow, but below is a typical vessel of the type used in the Gulf of Aden:

Later reports confirmed the dhow attacked the warship with phasers, plasma rockets, and short range nuclear warheads, but was disabled before it could re-cloak and attain maximum warp speed.

Great contest!

NBC Nightly news began its report with Brian Wiliams saying, “And now to what is fast becoming the most dangerous stretch of water in the world……”

The Gulf of Aden may be the most inconvenient stretch of water in the world, but it certainly isn’t dangerous – unless, that is, you happen to be an “African coastguard’. As stated in the original article, no-one has been injured or killed as a result of the hijacks, though if such heavy-handed tactics are to be employed on a regular basis – and British Foreign Secretary David Milliband said today Britain is planning “to lead an armada of European warships against the pirates” – it won’t be long before that situation is reversed.

After all, why should we in the western world have to put up with it, anyway?

We only took their fish.

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