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Riverbend Is Back………

After some months without blogging, “Riverbend” of “Baghdad Burning” has begun writing again. Here is one paragraph from her most recent post, “When All Else Fails…..”:

It’s not about the man- presidents come and go, governments come and go. It’s the frustration of feeling like the whole country and every single Iraqi inside and outside of Iraq is at the mercy of American politics. It is the rage of feeling like a mere chess piece to be moved back and forth at will. It is the aggravation of having a government so blind and uncaring about their peoples needs that they don’t even feel like it’s necessary to go through the motions or put up an act. And it’s the deaths. The thousands of dead and dying, with Bush sitting there smirking and lying about progress and winning in a country where every single Iraqi outside of the Green Zone is losing.

Please use the link above to read the rest. Preferably, before you cast your vote in the American midterm elections tomorrow.

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