Pay The Ferryman

While preparing for a long day’s travel this morning, I was heartened by a report on the BBC World News at 5.00am. It showed George W Bush enjoying a drink last night with other delegates at the G8 summit – a drink with a very generous head of froth. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I know of no non-alcoholic beverage that holds a head of froth after the glass is half consumed. For a man reputed to be teetotal, it was a strange sight to behold.

It was not this that heartened me, however, but the news that when other delegates assembled this morning, George Bush was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, it was reported he was confined to his room with a “stomach upset”.

Apparently, his god was not amused by George’s night-time boozing.

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  1. RJ, I saw Angela and George enjoying tete a tete with drinks. It struck me as an odd thing to do for a recovered(?) alcoholic, but, in my typical fashion, the further conclusions had to come from somebody else. For this I am grateful to you!

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