Pakistani Elders Vow Revenge Against America After Drones Kill Forty

The ‘war on terror’, a phrase coined to good propaganda effect here in the United States by George W Bush, is not, of course, a war at all. The Iraq invasion of 2003 was a war, as is the occupation of Afghanistan. The ‘war on terror’ consists of a series of covert operations often based on intelligence as dodgy as that which was used to precipitate the attack on Iraq.

It must be quite fun to sit at a computer desk in the office of an air force base in Arizona and guide a Predator drone aircraft to kill a group of people in some remote area of Pakistan; the ultimate in video games, one might say.

Unfortunately, the game can take an ugly turn when those people are innocent civilians: tribal elders, local traders, and members of the tribal police.

Forty innocents died in this latest US unmanned drone attack, including thirteen children.

The tribal elders have vowed revenge against America:

Tribal leaders in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan have vowed revenge against the US after drones killed more than 40 people near the Afghan border.

“We are a people who wait 100 years to exact revenge. We never forgive our enemy,” the elders said in a statement.

Thursday’s attack has caused fury – most of the dead were tribal elders and police attending an open-air meeting……

“The world should try and find out how many of the 40-odd people killed in the drone attack were members of al-Qaeda,” the elders said in their statement following the attack near North Waziristan’s regional capital, Miranshah.

“It was just a jirga being held under local customs in which the prominent elders of Datta Khel sub-division, and common people were participating to resolve a dispute.

“But the Americans did not spare our elders even.

One of the elders, Malik Faridullah Wazir Khan, said he reached the scene 30 minutes after the missiles hit – four of his relatives were killed.

“The area was completely covered in blood,” he told the BBC.

“There were no bodies, only body parts – hands, legs and eyes scattered around. I could not recognise anyone. People carried away the body parts in shopping bags and clothing or with bits of wood, whatever they could find.”

He said 44 people died at the scene, including 13 children – one as young as seven.

On Thursday, Pakistan’s army chief condemned the raid by US unmanned drones in unusually strong terms, calling it “intolerable… and in complete violation of human rights”.[1]

The ‘war on terror’ is completely out of control.

It leaves one wondering who to fear more – al Qaeda, or the US Pentagon.

[1] “Pakistan: Calls for revenge after US drones kill 40” BBC, March 18th 2011

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  1. It is sickening, how many invasions can the policeman of the world manage simultaneously. The cost in terms of life is intolerable.
    Democracy, my arse.

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