One Of Those Days………

I rose this morning determined to write at least one reasonable article using my brand new, high-powered, HP computer (arrived Friday). I should have guessed it would not be a good day when the doorbell rang as I was stepping out the shower, and after hastily throwing a robe over my still-dripping form, I answered the door to two inanely grinning Jehovah’s Witnesses desiring to discuss “global issues”. After politely – well, reasonably – telling them where to stick their global issues at 9.00 on a Sunday morning, I breakfasted before seating myself at the sleek, shiny monster gently humming on my workdesk.

After a quick surf around the blogs I decided to check my mail on Outlook Express. It was then disaster struck. The damned thing seized up. After rebooting umpteen times only to seize again whenever I tried to open O.E., I spent the rest of the day and into the evening attempting to sort out the problem.

It’s fixed. After five ‘system restores’, uninstalling the software I spent all yesterday installing, and finally getting it all loaded back in again – it’s working.

Unfortunately, I’m not.

It’s 9.10, I have to be up at 5.00am and I’m totally k-knackered.

I’m off to bed. Goodnight all!

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4 Replies to “One Of Those Days………”

  1. He He modern technology eh? It can be a bitch sometimes for no apparent reason. Jehovah..had some call here once..must have been lost as we are the only people living up this outback of a lane.Haven’t seen them since….think it was when i got onto dancing in the open, naked, that it got them worried!

  2. I always wanted to tell the JW’s and Mormon missionaries that I would make them a deal. I would listen to 15 minutes of their views and not interrupt them if they would listen to mine for 15 minutes. Never did do it, but wished I could.

    At least you got things figured out in one day on your new computer – usually even a tiny problem leaves me stumped for hours – can’t imagine breaking a new one in.

  3. PM – hopefully, today will be much better – though it is Monday!

    AP – THAT would get anyone worried!

    Flimsy – they can be most frustrating. One tip I learned long ago is to use the “system restore” when things go wrong (All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore). It takes the computer back in time to before the problem occurred and while you may lose some recent data, it is often worth it. A new one shouldn’t have any problems – in a perfect world!

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