One Giant Leap For The Bushmen……

For thousands of years the San people, of what is now called Botswana, lived out their lives as hunter-gatherers in Africa’s Kalahari desert.

Four years ago, the Botswana government decided it would be better for the Kalahari Bushmen to be moved to a reserve where they would have schools, clinics, and all the trappings of modern life. The government insisted the move had absolutely nothing to do with international companies itching to get their greedy paws on the diamond rich Kalahari desert.

The Bushman were forcibly removed from their land in January 2002, and since then have been fighting through the Botswana courts for the right to return.

Certainly, the reserve had more amenities than the desert. It also had isolation, boredom, and alcohol. Many of the San people succumbed to alcoholism.

This week, two of three judges decided their case was upheld. The Bushmen of the Kalahari are able to return to their homeland.

It’s one small step in the great scheme of things; one giant leap for the Bushmen. Perhaps those Botswana judges should be requested to adjudicate in the case between the Palestinians and Israelis. So far, no-one else on the planet has managed a fair judgement on the issue.

BBC report HERE.

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