Oh Yes, It Can…..

Finally, as we bring to a close our celebration of Popey Benedict’s four day visit to Britain last week, I give you the ultimate, the complete, the definitive evaluation of His Holiness, and all others like him:

The Pope has gone back home to his gold and jewels and finery. No doubt there are mistresses also, tucked away somewhere in the depths of the Vatican. His visit could hardly be called a success, not even as a ‘damage limitation exercise’, which of course, is what it was. There were empty seats at every gathering.

It’s been almost thirty years since the last papal visit. Let’s hope it’s at least as long before the next.

Goodbye Popey Benedict, 90% of British people will be happy if you, or your successors, stay home for another thirty years.

On behalf of the thousands and thousands of young lives you and your henchmen have destroyed with your wickedness, may I simply say – GOOD RIDDANCE!

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2 Replies to “Oh Yes, It Can…..”

  1. What WWW said.

    And what Carlin once said (about something else) but can stand as a message to the Brits:

    Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town

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