Of Rape, Intolerance and Enslavement……..

“Take all your overgrown infants away…….somewhere…..and build them a home, a little place of their own…….the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings…” ~ Pink Floyd.

Once again vicious, inhumane, aspects of organised religion rear their ugly heads today as Pakistan’s national assembly voted to amend the country’s strict Sharia laws regarding rape and adultery. Islam is dominated by men, and the religious laws they “interprete” are heavily weighted on the side of the male sex.

If a Pakistani woman is raped, Sharia law states that she requires four male witnesses to the crime before she stands any chance of sucessfully prosecuting the offender. Such legal demands conveniently free men to rape whomsoever they choose and statistically one woman is raped every two hours, one gang-raped every eight hours, in Pakistan.

Thankfully, secular law has now stepped into the breach, where common humanity was lacking, and today’s vote means rape cases can now be tried in the secular courts where the pre-condition of four male witnesses does not apply.

Predictably, the Islamic hierarchy is screaming its self-centred concerns – stating that the new bill is a recipe for “free sex” throughout the country. Even if correct, that’s surely an improvement on the “enslaved sex” so encouraged by these bigots in the past.

It’s time these people had their noses pushed out of any further interference in the laws of Pakistan, along with their Christian counterparts in other areas of the world. Religious control of the masses has too long been the policy of those who garb themselves in finery, surround themselves with pomp, and dictate hypocrisy under the guise of divine knowledge.

The Middle East is still largely controlled by such misbegots, and in America the last six years has seen government allow the rise of similar evangelical, fundamentalist, mini-dictators, to positions where they threaten freedoms held sacrosanct by the Constitution:

The freedom of a woman to decide what is best for her body; the freedom to control scientific research using logic and humanity, rather than garbled, necrotic, interpretations of writings by long-dead simpletons without knowledge of the very term “stem-cell”; the freedom to believe what we choose without these disreputes trying to shove their garbled ideals down our throats at every opportunity.

These are just a few of the freedoms these egomanic, power-crazed, enslavers of human minds, continuously try to take away from Americans. They would impose their version of so-called “Christian” law in America, just as the Islamic brigade have imposed Sharia law on much of the Middle East.

Thankfully, Pakistan has today taken another small step into modernity. It has a long way yet to go.

But, so has America – still tainted and abused by the very religious bigotry its forefathers left British shores to escape.

BBC report HERE.

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