Observations On The BBC, And A US National Intelligence Report

Today, the BBC asked the question: has the world lost faith in the USA?[1]

Surely, before asking that question, one or two others should be considered, like: has the world ever had any faith in the USA; is the world seriously concerned about the USA; or, is it all just a load of political guff designed to consolidate corporate power both inside and outside the USA?

The BBC is basing its question around the latest report from the US National Intelligence Council, a body composed of representatives from US intelligence agencies, charged with crystal-ball gazing in an attempt to come up with some notion of what the future might hold for the world at large, and America, in particular.[2]

Apparently, the BBC is keen to emulate the CIA, or perhaps it’s just been watching too many Bond movies, but to access the particular webpage, I had to invent secret questions, passwords, and a whole host of other security items, before realizing this was just to allow me to comment.

Note: I would never consider commenting on anything the BBC has to offer. Mainly because three and a half million seriously deranged headcases, in desperate need of frontal lobotomies, have got there before me. Like, for example, “Out of Touch” from the EU:

maybe the laid back texan just wants to live in peace and be in 22nd position of military power as in 1901. the world needs leadership by western culture developed in europe … intelligent and cultural….they probably have the balance that indians chinese and muslims will respect… europe should abosorbe itself with pride and be inteligent and dutiful…. ameriaca does not want to lead…laid back texan wants to smoke…and the english should speak spanish and italian and french

I’m not totally sure what the “laid back Texan” will be smoking, but “Out of touch” from the EU is obviously an expert, and it sure sounds too good to miss.

Then, of course, there is always the super-nationalist, “American Voice” from San Francisco, who’s not going to let anyone criticize his country:

Even if the US domination goes down by a factor of 20, still US will be 20 times more powerful than the closest competitor…… So don’t count US out !!!

No, don’t dare count the US out, even if it has been comatose on the mat for twenty minutes and shows no sign of ever regaining consciousness.

Why, I wonder, does that last sentence remind me of ex-Israeli prime minister Arial Sharon?

Question: what ever did happen to him?

Answer: he’s still snoring profusely on some hospital gurney in Tel Aviv, oblivious to all but the fact that no-one, but no-one, is ever going to have the temerity to permanently turn him off.

I digress.

The National Intelligence Council today pronounced: “US economic, military and political dominance is likely to decline over the next two decades.” China and India will grow more powerful. The US dollar will lose its status as the world’s major currency, and an increasing scarcity of food and water will fuel conflicts.

While all the above is hardly arguable – unless you happen to be “American Voice” from San Francisco – the report also assumes that a world with more power centers will be less stable than when the planet had only one.

Given that, in the last eight years, George W Bush as managed to ruin the global economy, propagate military mayhem throughout the Middle East, instigate torture and imprisonment without trial as normal procedures, and alienate every foreign power on the planet, that statement may appear a trifle far-fetched. Unfortunately, given that the National Intelligence Council is a US institution, and therefore bound towards bias, and bearing in mind that only four years ago it categorically stated the US was on the up and up and would remain a strong and indomitable superpower ad infinitum, one must regrettably take its utterances with the proverbial pinch or two of sodium chloride.

Let’s not forget, the US intelligence services charged with concocting this report were also responsible for providing the sure-fire certainty that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction stashed away all over Iraq, and – we don’t want the smoking gun to become a mushroom cloud, now do we?

Still, according to Marti, another BBC commentator, we’ll all be sorry:

As an American I would LOVE to see us lose our dominance:
Dominance in Foreign Aid to an ungrateful world
Dominance in Humanitarian efforts that are unappreciated
Dominance in troops defending YOUR countries

I say let someone else have dominance for a bit. Keep American resources in America for 10 years and you’ll have the whole world begging for us to accept the Crown. (What’s left of the world, that is.)

Oh, Marti, you’ve been watching that Fox News again.

Marti was, of course, from – TEXAS.

Where else?

[1] “Who will be the next superpower?” BBC “Have your say”, November 21st 2008

[2] “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World” an incredibly boring, rather egocentric, 120-page report by the NIC, in pdf format

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6 Replies to “Observations On The BBC, And A US National Intelligence Report”

  1. An after thought. I wonder if their “intelligence” has taken into account California’s “Big One”? Because all available scientific intelligence is in agreement that it’s coming. And, coming sooner rather than later.

    I know for a fact that the ordinary people living there continue sticking their heads in the sand over this. Even though just one single second after it hits, it will be too late to do anything about it.

    Can anyone begin to imagine the consequences of that forthcoming event? Even remotely?

  2. TOB – California held a mass earthquake grill only a couple of weeks ago. All over the state, people ducked under tables, schoolchildren dived beneath desks, and the emergency services practiced their drills.
    I’m not sure how effective all this will prove when the ‘big-one’ happens, but I have a sneaking suspicion, not very.

  3. RJA:
    Those commenters never fail to give me a good laugh, though I must admit to a mild shock that they even KNOW about the Beebs considering the massive insularism that blinds them.
    As to the Big One and your, I think, inadvertent typo “grilling”, I’m gobsmacked that duct tape or shopping wasn’t involved.
    Where is The Shrub when you need him?

  4. WWW – Ooops! You’re right about that typo, though knowing the US, perhaps a mass earthquake grill , – a ‘Bonanza Barbecue for the Big One’ – could catch on in California as a fund raising event.

    I think Shrub is staying well away from the West coast right now. He’s heard the rumors and is headed for Texas – going straight to Texas without passing California and without collecting any tectonic plates up his jacksy.

    Flimsy – you’re becoming very cynical and sarcastic of late. You really should be more like me. 😉

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