Obama Denies The Truth

Barack Obama has distanced himself from words spoken in 2001, following the 9/11 attacks, by his Christian pastor, Jeremiah Wright.[1]

Wright told his congregation, in a sermon:

“We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards.

“America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

It was, of course, expected that Obama would denounce such talk, surfacing as it has on the web and the media some seven years later. It would be political suicide to do otherwise.

Sadly, that’s the state of politics today. The truth can rarely be embraced.

[1] BBC – “Obama spurns pastor’s 9/11 jibe”

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6 Replies to “Obama Denies The Truth”

  1. Yes, RJ, it’s one of those “Well, he would, wouldn’t he” moments.

    I don’t admire the way this pastor chooses to deliver his opinions. Some of what he says may be based in truth, but the way he tells it incites hatred. You cannot get away from that. He’s telling his congregation that their white friends and neighbours are enemies.


    How the heck Obama has stood it for 20 years is beyond me – he must agree with it.

  2. Twilight – I’ve never been a fan of the “hellfire and brimstone” style of delivery, and I would happily concede that his viewpoint on social issues is about forty years out of date. The plight of the poor in this country has been growing steadily worse for years, way back beyond the Clinton administration. It just happens that a very large percentage of the poor are black people. I deal with the kids of poor blacks, and whites, every day. I see how they live; the rundown housing, many with no power or water, kids forced to go to school in flip flops, even in winter, because of no money for decent shoes. In fifty-odd years of living in Britain, I haven’t seen poverty like this since the 1950’s. These people live in family communities of mixed race. Wright’s congregation is well aware their white neighbors are not their enemies. They’re all in the same holed and rapidly sinking boat together. In fact, many are interbreeding at an alarming rate.

    What Wright says about the causes of 9/11, the lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq and the non-existent weapons of mass destruction are more than just based in truth. They are the truth. Bush told America the attacks of 9/11 happened because ‘the terrorists were jealous of America and its freedoms’. What utter balderdash! Amazingly, there’s still a whole load of Americans, fed by Fox and other media channels, who blindly subscribe to that and refuse to accept 9/11 was ‘America’s chickens coming home to roost’.

    Obama is a different generation from Wright. He realizes the problem is not a racist issue, the problem is poverty, hopelessness, and despair. Lack of a good education system, decent housing, proper healthcare, and a reasonable standard of living are the true enemies of the poor in this country, whether they are white or black. It just happens that the majority of America’s poor are African-Americans.

  3. I was a little surprised that not only is Obama a member of this Rev. Wright’s congregation but also has donated over $25,000 to him in the past year (as per his tax return).
    Just putting it out there!

  4. WWW – I haven’t been able to find any record online of his 2007 return, but in 2006 he donated $22,500 to the Trinity United Church of Christ, so it would appear to be a regular annual donation. I find nothing odd about this. It may seem a large sum to us peasants, but in 2006 he earned half a million dollars from book sales alone. Besides, I assume he can offset at least some of it against tax. Quite why Americans find it necessary to devote large sections of their hard-earned income to supporting their church is beyond my comprehension. That they do is evidenced by the inflated lifestyles of many white and black clerics in this land.
    I don’t condone Jeremiah Wright’s methodology, but I find his words much less of an affront, and holding many more grains of truth, than the crap spun out by corporate-controlled, American media.
    Neither do I attempt to portray Obama as some great new hope for the world. He isn’t. I doubt there is one politician out there who doesn’t keep some skeletons in their closet. I do believe he is a better candidate for the presidency than Clinton, and I base that conclusion on Bill Clinton’s terms in the White House. I don’t believe Hillary’s viewpoint will prove substantially different from her husband’s. In fact, everything she has said would lead one to that conclusion. The list of Clinton’s misdeeds (and I’m not talking Lewinsky here) is readily available for all to read. His actions caused the death and suffering of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and elsewhere. Hillary’s foreign policy bears every resemblance to her husband’s.
    In conclusion, donating $25,000 to one’s church is perhaps more acceptable than $80,000 to the Washington Elite Whore Association. 😉

    TOB – It never fails to amaze me how Americans, at least as viewed through their media, become so damned self-righteous about their politicians. If they all lived by the Christian maxim of, “Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone”, this country would be a truly quiet and peaceful place to live.

  5. You missed the point then, he disavowed the way Rev. Wright said some things. I take it none of you has much familiarity with traditional Black churches because what Wright said was almost laughably mild, but see, as your comments here prove, white America is for the most part oblivious to Black America.

    Obama was able to tell us the truth but he gentled it down so tighty-whiteys wouldn’t choke to death on their own bile. What else could he do? He never asked to have to make this speech, @ssclam whites and our media forced his hand.

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