Note To A Madman

I’ve had it with this president. He is truly a bully, and a blithering idiot. Today, he stood on a podium and told the world: “Al Qaeda is a threat to your children.”

No, Mister President, YOU are a threat to our children. You had al Qaeda holed up in Afghanistan. You allowed them to escape by diverting large sections of the US military into a nation that had no affiliation whatever with al Qaeda. You, Mister President, then proceeded to rape and pillage that country. You permitted your troops to massacre innocents and you condoned your minions wrecking the country’s infrastructure. Then, Mister President, you allowed that country to be infiltrated by al Qaeda operatives supported by Iraqi insurgents already decimated by your flawed policies in that country.

Not content with creating the greatest conflagration seen in the Middle East in centuries, you, Mister President, then turned your ignorant, bullying countenance on its neighbor, Iran.

Despite you, Mister President, tearing up virtually every anti-nuclear proliferation treaty in existence, you had the nerve to demand Iran suspend its own nuclear energy program, because you wished to protect the sanctity of your much beloved ally and war criminal, Israel, from possible retaliation from Iran. This, despite assurances that Iran’s nuclear program was entirely peaceful.

You, Mister President, have bullied and cajoled other western nations to conform to your irresponsible policies. You have berated Russia and China for refusing to bend their knees to your will in the United Nations. You are presently threatening Russia with nuclear missiles on her very border, and by so doing are risking a new Cold War. You, Mister President, have now ordered your navy to behave aggressively in waters off the Iranian coast, forcing confrontation and deliberately escalating the tensions in the area. You, Mister President, are the reason Iran finds it necessary to intensify its nuclear program; to protect itself from YOU.

Mister President George W Bush of the United States of America, my children have little to fear from the rag-taggle bunch of militant Islamics YOU chose to lump under the grandiose title, “al Qaeda”.

But, they have everything to fear from you.

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5 Replies to “Note To A Madman”

  1. Gotta ramp up the fear to maintain control of the people, no?

    Think I’m going to spend more time waging my own war on wild bermuda grass the next few days. Hit my quota of stupid Bush tricks for the week.

  2. He is not only the worst president in history, he is the scariest individual on the planet at the moment. I don’t know how we can get out of this huge black hole we have dug. It seems we have few allies in congress. Big problems growing like a snowball down the mountain and no one seems to be able to get it stopped.

  3. First of all, this is a awesome piece by you, RJ! Damn, if I could point out something that wasn’t quite accurate or something that was missing! Perfect!

    While the Americans are deeply worried with and focused in the sorry events in the Middle East, some hair-brained moves by this totally incompetent fool, Bush, are simultaneously taking place, as you pointed out, elsewhere, to make sure that new crisis will continue to the distant future.

    The recent developments with Russia, in the form of rushing to arm Russia’s ex satellites or states and supporting various anti-Russia puppets there, are starting to look like the rebirth of the Gold War. What sort of a new world is this baboon creating here? Too bad that the historic opportunities for the more united world were wasted on the leader of the free world such as this!

    To fix the damage done by this hurd of the neocons in the proverbial china shop, if fixable at all, is going to take a lifetime. There is no doubt, however, that we all will be paying the bills for a long, long time.

  4. I think George w is working on the theory of george orwell in 1984, keep the country thinking that there is a war going on somewhere that needs the good ole USA to sort out thereby diverting attention from his also atrocious home policies?
    This man is really dangerous for the rest of the world..i am constantly amazed that the people of america actually voted him back in!
    What will he do next? I doubt that anyone knows the answer to that.

  5. NYM – I know just how you feel. We all need an occasional break from the ravings of madmen. I call it “grounding myself”.

    PM – He’s not the scariest man on the planet. That’s Dick Cheney. Bush is the second scariest man on the planet. As for the collapse of the Democrats, I think I warned some time ago not to expect too much from them. Both political parties are financed by the same master. Neither will bite the hand that feeds them. Corporate power insists on the Iraq war. It was corporate power that engineered it. The few lonely voices in government – Dem and Repub – calling for an end to it all are crying in a political wilderness.

    Pekka – thank you for the compliment. You ask what sort of new world is being created. It’s really very simple. Many people cannot grasp the idea that power no longer lies with politicians. Those days have gone. The politicians are now frontmen – puppets – of corporate power that thinks only in monetarist terms. Whether 9/11 was artificially created, as some believe, or just a fortunate coincidence for the corporates, it was the trigger – “another Pearl Harbor”, as the PNAC called it – for their market expansion. The Iraq war was supposed to be an easy foothold into Middle Eastern markets, spreading western values, namely consumerism, throughout the territories. Since the collapse of the USSR in the late eighties, America has been wooing eastern bloc nations with a view to military footholds in those countries. In many cases they have succeeded. Iraq was seen as a simple step to surround Iran militarily, once the Taliban had been removed from Afghanistan. A quick glance at a world atlas makes it all very clear. Iran has been in the crosshairs for some years and is still the prime target of those we conveniently lump under the title “neo-cons”. Subjugation of the Middle East allows for huge market expansion, military control of the most volatile area of the world, oil security for years to come, and security for America’s only true ally, Israel. I believe it was expected that a quick victory in Iraq would secure a second term for George Bush, allowing the invasion of Iran to occur, and that country to be secured, before November 2008. Unfortunately for the planners, Iraq has proved a disaster and set the time-frame back drastically, but thanks to the idiocy of many Americans, Bush got back in anyway. Bush is now trying to save some measure of his reputation by involving Iran in diplomacy, as he must surely realize his legacy is presently not worth a light on the world stage. However, that may just be his “second bow-string” given the US navy’s antics in the Persian Gulf of late. At present, the situation is on a knife edge and could go either way. The neo-con plan may collapse ingloriously, or Iraq might still be squelched sufficiently for the military focus to move further east. One thing is for sure, America has no intention of leaving Iraq to the Iraqis – ever. Otherwise, why spend $600,000,000 on an “embassy”?

    AP – I believe my answer above, to Pekka, is relevent. Yes, Bush is a dangerous man, but nowhere near as menacing as those who hide themselves from the limelight.

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