Not Just In Abu Ghraib

THIS is how America allows mentally retarded youngsters to be treated.

What is truly disgraceful about this case is not that the adolescents were “punished” unnecessarily, medicine but that it is allowed to happen at all.

If some readers consider I may at times be unduly harsh on America, recipe this story is a prime example of the reason why.

I make no apology.

Read this Mother Jones article from earlier this year.

My thanks to Al at “Vineyard Views” for the link.

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6 Replies to “Not Just In Abu Ghraib”

  1. Nor should you, RJ.

    This is a dreadful situation. What I find difficult to understand is that many parents accept what is being done, and even, apparently, support the school against critics.

    There’s something VERY wrong here. It sounds like the Nazi concentration camps, as well as Abu Ghraib.

  2. RJ, while that does greatly upset me, it in no way surprises me.

    Two years back, I tried in every way imaginable to get a concerted campaign/protest/whatever underway on the web — regarding this horror story : Now Another American Nightmare Looms; Chemical Experiments On Children …

    Sadly, all my efforts were to no avail. The ‘dirty deal was done’. It almost drove me to distraction. Really. Yet so many others didn’t bat a bloody eye-lid.

    God alone knows what’s now happening to some poor kids behind closed doors. Not just at home in America either. And yet some people still insist on saying that comparing BushCo to Hitler’s Nazi filth is an exageration.

    You know, it really is true that the US has long since passed the point of no return.

  3. Will this era go down as the Dark Ages of America, RJA? I was absolutely horrified reading about these assaults on helpless children. I was reminded very forcefully of that old adage “How I do one thing is how I do all things”. This beat ’em into submission culture of the USA infiltrates every aspect of life there, does it not? These unrelentless assaults on the innocents, Hiroshima, Vietnam, Katrina,Iraq et al.
    It is sickening.

  4. I can’t find the link to it from Google, but there was an experiment done in the 70s (and it has been repeated since, with the same results) where members of the public were ordered to administer electric shocks ranging from mild to lethal (and they were told that at the top setting, these would be lethal shocks) on a person that they could only hear. This person was an actor, and not connected to any real equipment, but the experimentee did not know this. A scarily high percentage of people administered “lethal” electric shocks, purely on the say-so of a man in a white coat.

    The inability of a large proportion of the human race to THINK and not just do something because someone tells them to is scary 🙁

  5. Jo: That was the Milgram experiment. Experimenting on people has lots of history in America. The book Acres of Skin is about experimenting on prisoners. I heard from a relative who works at a pharmaceutical research firm that the drug companies give new drugs to homeless to check out side effects. Undesirables (including the retarded) are fair game for corposickos. I read the Mother Jones article and the head makes $400,000 a year so torture pays well.

  6. Twilight – ‘Nazi concentration camps’, exactly where my mind went. So many Americans just accept what they are told, without question. It seems inconceivable a parent could support the use of such barbarity, but this is America… you once rightly pointed out, “a world unto itself.”

    TOB – apathy will cause the destruction of our species. It is, perhaps, our greatest fault. Nowhere have I found apathy to such a degree as in this nation. No-one even questions why student campuses have remained bereft of protesters over the Iraq war, while the Vietnam war raised ire sufficient for students to protest all over the country. America is breeding apathy into its offspring.

    WWW – the ‘beat them into submission’ or ‘big bully syndrome’ is rife in American society, to the point of viewing poverty among its citizens as a self-imposed failing, rather than a serious fault of the system. As for the ‘Dark Ages’ of America, this period in US history does reflect some of traits of its European counterpart in the 13th and 14th centuries, with America moving backwards, achieving little, and turning even more inwards on itself. Sadly, it is doubtful if on this occasion the world can wait a few hundred years for any improvement.

    Jo – I vaguely remember the experiment from some years ago, though like you couldn’t trace any documentation until Flimsy, as she does so well, came up with the answer. I remember thinking at the time that it explained the apparent inhumanity of both Germans and Japanese during WW2. Demonized as monsters, they were in fact no different from most others of our species.

    Flimsy – thank you so much for your input. It spent ages searching for that one, without success.

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