No More Masturbation In Delaware

It’s a sad day for the men (and women) of Delaware as anti-masturbation queen, Christine O’Donnell wins the GOP primary in that State.

There’ll be no more ‘honking for Christine’ in Delaware, lads, she expressly forbids it – outside of marriage, that is.

As Rachel Maddow’s video shows, O’Donnell founded S.A.L.T in 1996, which she interprets as the “Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth”, a somewhat vague organization with little available information on the internet.

Basically, the main thrust of the group (no pun intended) was preventing people from masturbating before marriage. This act was considered a heinous sin, according to vague Old Testament writings concerning the ‘spilling of seed on the ground’, which for all we know, may have been lifted from a local ‘Good Farming’ manual of the era.

Nevertheless, the Republicans of Delaware decided masturbation was not to be encouraged, and O’Donnell should be their nomination. In line with other nut-job political wannabees like Palin and Beck, she’s also against abortion, healthcare for the poor and non-Christian, and in favor of shooting anyone who disagrees with her warped Roman Catholic viewpoint.

There’s a stark contrast between Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino, another Republican wanker to recently upset the GOP establishment apple cart. Possibly a literal wanker, in Carl’s case, given the plethora of pornographic internet video it’s alleged he’s been circulating among his many dubious email friends.[1]

Here are just two of a number of pornographic or racist images, of videos states have been sent by Paladino:


It would seem that while Paladino and O’Donnell are ‘Tea Party-ers’ and have similar political objectives, their modus operandi is somewhat different. They should get together and discuss the way forward.

After all, maybe Christine could – take Carl in hand?

[1] “NY Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino’s Racist and Sexist Email History”, April 12th 2010

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3 Replies to “No More Masturbation In Delaware”

  1. RJA:

    The US is becoming more and more an alternative universe and unfortunately is used as the butt of so many jokes I’ve lost track.

    What on earth has happened to logic, science and reason and critical thinking?

    It is way way behind the rest of us,I’m afraid, with all these qualities offered up to The Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper with magical thinking only as a replacment.

    Strange aliens running the show there!


  2. Keeping the minds of The Great Unwashed in the USA away from more pressing business, so that the manipulators behind the scenes can get on with their skulduggery unhampered. They must feel so grateful for their home-grown clowns.

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