No Longer Just ‘Hot Air’

While George W Bush pretends to take climate change seriously, yet only kowtows to a grain industry already forcing price rises in Third World Nations by a shortage of grain on world markets – oh, wow, Mister Andreas, your bank balance must be going through the roof! – the government of New South Wales, Australia has just received a scientific report it commissioned into the effects of climate change on the city of Sydney.

To say it was shocked by the report is to put it mildly.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization report says bluntly that if nothing effective is done to combat climate change and global warming, the city of Sydney is likely to be uninhabitable by 2070 – only slightly over half a century away. The state’s premier said it was a “doomsday scenario”, but one that had to be confronted.

Australia is already seeing the effects of global warming as it struggles with a drought that has lasted six years. Bush fires have devastated large areas. John Howard, the Australian prime minister, recently unveiled a $7 billion package to try and tackle the country’s water problems.

More from the BBC HERE.

Meanwhile, as George Monbiot reports in his Guardian column this week, US President George W Bush is sticking with technology to solve the climate problem, and keep his pals in the business industries happy. One idea, the government insists, is to launch mirrors, or clouds of small particles, into the atmosphere to reflect the additional sunlight radiation produced by carbon dioxide build-up. This idea was in a recent memo to the US Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It states that “modifying solar radiance” is an important insurance against the threat of climate change.

As Monbiot declares, “A more accurate description might be ‘important insurance against the need to cut emissions’.”

Other hair-brained schemes presently on George Bush’s desk include that of a group of nuclear weapons scientists from Lawrence Livermore laboratory in California who suggest “launching into the atmosphere a million tonnes of tiny aluminum balloons, filled with hydrogen, every year.

One effect of such a practice, Monbiot notes wryly, would be to “eliminate the ozone layer”.

Yet another scheme, this time from scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, suggests spraying billions of tonnes of seawater into the air. That, too, Monbiot concludes, would have devastating effects.

One positive note, Monbiot continues, is that the debate over global warming is well and truly over:

“On Friday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change publishes the first instalment of its vast report, which collates the findings of the world’s climate scientists. Though conservative in its assumptions, it shows that if you persist in believing that there is no cause for concern you must have buried your head till only your toes are showing. If even George Bush now grudgingly acknowledges that there’s a problem, surely we’ve seen the last of the cranks and charlatans who had managed to grab so much attention with their claims that global warming wasn’t happening?”

It seems the only issue now remaining is to persuade George W Bush he can’t solve the problem by declaring war on Iran.

Read George Monbiot’s full article HERE.

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5 Replies to “No Longer Just ‘Hot Air’”

  1. Those ideas sound like something you’d find in MAD magazine.

    Rather than play with tinker toys, how about we all take it damned serious and decide what each of us, each country, can do to try to reverse or at least slow down what’s happening. Even if global warming is a myth, what could it hurt to do what we can to clean up our mess. I completely belive in and understand global warming. Sadly many in DC see it as a threat to their corporations and therefore refuse to admit reality.

    Used to everything that went wrong was some how Clinton’s fault. Now he’s off the hook and everything that goes wrong is Iran’s fault.

  2. Like you said – there must be a way to make this into a money generating machine. Everyone ridiculed Carter, but at least he gave tax breaks for alternative energy, instituted efficiency standards and put on a sweater.

  3. Sigh. When can we get rid of this administration? I am so worn out with all the garbage they are piling on us and it’s deadly toxic to boot. Droughts are the most horrible things to watch – terribly depressing.

  4. With Iraq’s Prime Minister specifically blaming Iran for some recent attacks on US soldiers in Iraq… things are going to continue heating up on that front.

    Especially since the PM told both the US and Iran to “solve their problems outside of Iraq.”

    Jeez Louise…

  5. PoP – poor old Clinton. I think he survived it all rather well, though I believe Hilary keeps the keys to his chastity belt locked in her personal safe, these days.

    Flimsy – it’s reached the point where some corporations are begging Bush for legislation on climate change. Individual corporations fear that if they attempt their own clean-ups others won’t follow suit and will gain an economic advantage. If legislation forces industrial clean-up across the board it creates a level playing field for all. That makes sense.

    PM – the drought in Australia is very bad. Usually, there is a drought one year in ten. The forecast states that could increase to possibly nine out of ten.

    Jonathan – Maliki invites the Iranians into Iraq, then blames them to take the heat off himself. He is a man with a very personal agenda. More worryingly, this US administration is stepping up the rhetoric against Iran with no tangible evidence of serious interference on their part. If you listen to the news media, their reports are full of “maybe” and “possibly” and “potential evidence”. Only yesterday, NBC virtually retracted one report after bloggers made them look foolish. Even if all the allegations were true, one could hardly blame the Iranians. After all, they suffered huge losses in the Iran/Iraq War, when Saddam Hussein was financed and armed by the US. The photograph of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam on the deal still regularly emerges on the internet.

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