No Game Without Players

Sports commentators are renowned for their ‘one offs’, often spoken in the heat of the moment. Today, a pearler at the end of the European Cup Soccer Final in Austria. Spain beat Germany by one goal to nil. During the bedlam following the match, while teams were waiting to ascend the podium and receive their medals, one commentator was discussing the Spaniard’s previous achievements. In response, Irish-American commentator Tommy Smyth was heard to say:

“It’s not just history, though, you have to have the players………and the players have to show up.”

Rock on, Tommy!

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4 Replies to “No Game Without Players”

  1. LOL! Being sporticularly challenged, I couldn’t think of anything to say about this, then, munching on my banana buttie I recalled Carl Sagan’s words – not sure why :

    “In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. “

  2. Anan – aha! Can I assume from that you are a soccer fan?

    Twilight – Nought like a banana buttie to inspire great things. Like you I’m not sure that particular quote is relevant, but anything by Carl Sagan is good enough for me. And I suppose, in truth, that saying is relevant to absolutely anything.

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