No End To The Madness?

George W Bush’s latest escalation of his – to coin a BBC News announcer’s recent phrase – “so-called War on Terrorism” in Somalia, has failed to kill any of the al Qaida suspects they targeted.

Though the American ambassador claims no civilians were killed in the raids, local reports state up to seventy civilians and many of their animals were slaughtered by the US air strikes.

Failed missions seem inevitable under the present American regime. Using the might of US aircraft carriers to strike at a raggle-taggle group of already vanquished soldiers trying to escape into Kenya, on the excuse they may be connected to al Qaeda, is another example of trying to swot flies with a jackhammer. Apparently, this is George W Bush’s forte. It’s about time someone pointed out to him it doesn’t work.

As an aside to the war in Iraq, American troops today stormed an Iranian consulate in the northern Iraqi town of Irbil. US forces broke into the building and took five Iranians prisoner, removing computers and documents.

Had that situation been reversed, and Iranians stormed an American consulate, it would be considered an act of war.

In the circumstances, would it be unreasonable to suggest that the United States is being controlled by madmen?

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2 Replies to “No End To The Madness?”

  1. yes, madmen and madwomen all of them. This is the most revolting, upsetting political situation ever. I am beyond disgusted and it’s exhausting trying to stop them. Sigh.

  2. PM – of course, I agree with your assessment 100%, but you must take some time for yourself. One reason America is in this mess is due to the indoctrination that “putting one’s country first” is the right and patriotic thing to do. It is this hollow ideal that draws thousands of young men and women into the military under false pretenses, to be killed in political squabbles that have no real bearing on the defense of a nation. “Cannon fodder” was the term used in WW1. Without “cannon fodder”, politicians could not wage their ego-based petty squabbles.

    Every American, indeed every human being, should put themselves first, then their family, then – if they consider it right – their country. Unless you look after yourself, you will fall ill and be no good to yourself, your family or country. You are the true and loyal American; those pigs presently in control are not. But you can achieve nothing if your health gives way under the strain. Take time for yourself and let others take some of the strain. Whatever the outcome of these present conflicts, America will survive, and hopefully learn from the experience. Sadly, due to those same pigs, many young men and women won’t be around to see it.

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