Never Mind, There’s Always 2010

As is so often the case with Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News, he failed tonight to grasp the true meaning behind his own opening remarks:

“Good evening, we are eleven days into the first war of the new year…….”

This, on the sixth day of January.

What a sad indictment of the human race.

War – a violent power struggle between two or more factions, identified by sudden mass slaughter and the rushing hither and thither of international leaders and politicians, who huddle aimlessly in groups for hours or days at a time and whisper amongst themselves, only to emerge the day after the war ends, to announce they’ve devised a possible ceasefire plan.

If ever proof were needed that the human infant never attains maturity through adulthood, one need only look to those charged with ruling this planet on our behalf. Whenever any international crisis occurs, they emerge like swarms of bees from their political hives, and flit about making lots of inane comments. Small groups combine to work out strategy and spin, not to tackle the crisis but to ascertain how best to work it to their own advantage.

First, they must attempt to convince us they know what they’re doing, then devise a suitable fable designed to slag off one of the combatants in the crisis. This requires time; usually, however long it takes to reach agreement with one side for the best munitions deal.

When Israel went to war with Lebanon in 2006, the international political community lived up to its reputation. Condoleeza Rice, as US Secretary of State, rushed hither and thither around the Middle East, meeting all sorts of people but achieving absolutely nothing. Britain’s foreign secretary did exactly the same. The French and Germans got involved. It wasn’t until long after the war ended with Israel’s ignominious defeat by Hesbollah, that we learned Western nations had actually been holding back on achieving any ceasefire agreement, under pressure from the USA, who’d been asked by Israel not to negotiate a ceasefire until Israel finished what it set out to do.

All the reams of media video showing Rice parleying with Arab leaders and insisting ‘peace was just around the corner’, all the hours of TV news coverage we had to sit through, was all a load of lies and subterfuge designed to make us think one thing, while the total opposite was being engineered behind the scenes.

We can be sure a similar farce is being played out during this latest snippet of Israeli aggression.

And how do these wankers get power in the first place?

We, the people, give it to them.

Welcome to the sixth day of 2009. We hoped to get through this year peaceably, but didn’t quite make it.

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One Reply to “Never Mind, There’s Always 2010”

  1. I’m so damn tired of it all, RJA, and mourn the loss of innocent lives everywhere.

    We are all the puppets of the Masters of the Universe and helpless. I’ve been voting Green for longer than I care to think, some of us vote the lesser of two evils (however that is determined). It is all for naught, I think.

    I see Obama putting his oar in, supporting Israel and our pathetic prorogued Harper would have the other oar.

    We need to crack everything wide open and start afresh. With nothing.


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