NBC Nightly, Sarah Palin, And Middle Earth

Unlike a certain ‘other’ television news station, NBC Nightly news has never intimated it is ‘fair and balanced’. Nevertheless, the ever-immaculate Brian Williams would probably feign hurt if anyone suggested otherwise.

Unfortunately for Mister Williams, here’s one who is quite willing to hurt his feelings.

NBC’s coverage of the presidential election is anything but fair, or balanced. Of course, unlike Fox News, they’re not blatant about it. In fact, one has to be diligent to even notice, at least, consciously. It takes a stopwatch, and focused concentration, to conclude that NBC Nightly News has a definite Republican bias.

It could be argued that allotting two minutes thirty seconds to a slot on the McCain campaign, while only allowing the Obama camp a bare two minutes, is splitting the proverbial hair. But, when it occurs consistently over a two month period, John McCain can be grateful to NBC for in excess of an extra twenty minutes of primetime coverage over his adversary.

Still, twenty minutes in two months can hardly be called excessive, but when Sarah Palin suddenly leapt out of her grizzly bear suit to emerge onto the stage of the GOP Convention, this slight advantage took one giant leap forward. Suddenly, in place of a McCain segment and an Obama segment, there was one Obama segment, one McCain segment, and one Palin segment. Joe Biden was noticeable only by his complete absence from any NBC news story.

This has been the ‘Nightly’ trend, virtually without falter, since the GOP Convention. Brian Williams would, no doubt, respond that they were simply reporting the news – and Sarah Palin was in the news more than Joe Biden. Can coverage of McCain in Florida slagging off Obama, followed by Palin in Ohio slagging off Obama, be justified by the excuse of reporting news?

It’s all a part of the oh-so-smooth process of indoctrinating America.

Meanwhile, NBC’s coverage of Sarah Palin has provided the opportunity to observe what a totally cold, ambitious, fish this woman truly is. On his Monday night Daily Show, city boy Jon Stewart made use of the brief expletive, “F**k you” to adroitly manifest his disgust of her latest attempt to split America, when she called ‘small town Americans’ the ‘real Americans’. She was gushing in her praise of people who live in America’s ‘small towns’.

Anyone from small town America will recognize this woman as one of their own. There are many small towns around central Illinois. Everytime I visit one I’m reminded of Middle Earth. I can’t wait to get out of them. The idea that small town America is full of warm, friendly, neighborly people is as far removed from reality as suggesting Mordor was inhabited by nuns. Frankly, I’d as soon take tea with the Taliban, than stray into a bar frequented by small town Americans.

It’s my experience they’re narrow-minded, suspicious, vaguely threatening, and usually redneck, which is certainly why Palin finds them so attractive.

Of course, it doesn’t do to generalize. I’m sure there must be lots of warm, friendly, individuals living in small towns in America.

They probably just don’t socialize too much.

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4 Replies to “NBC Nightly, Sarah Palin, And Middle Earth”

  1. I’ve just typed a longish comment then somehow lost it! I’ll make it brief then:

    NBC – you’re proabbly correct, but the political comment shows on NBC’s sister MSNBC, with Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow, more than redress the balance, for they are overtly pro-Obama.

    Sarah Palin – did us a favour in highlighting McCain’s impulsive bad judgement in picking her!

    Small town America – I live there and cannot agree with your assessment, RJ.
    Maybe Okies are a different breed, but they ARE warm and friendly. They tend to vote the wrong way (for my taste) but that doesn’t make them bad people, just misguided, IMO. They tend to be a little old fashioned and churchy for my taste, but again – that’s a personal thing.

    Whether small town America is the Real America I don’t know for sure – but I have said as much myself, about the so-called “fly-over states” in general. People outside of the USA often think the USA is all like the glitzy fringes, east-coast, west-coast, New York, Washington, California, Las Vegas.
    They don’t realise that there’s a vast area apart from those, and it’s also America – maybe a more “real” representation of the country.

  2. I wouldn’t honestly have thought of Alaska and an inhabitant thereof as ‘small town America’ much as she fancies herself as one of the regular folks. She is far from that. I don’t know too many women who catch their dinner with a gun (or too many men either) and decorate their homes with the inedible bits.
    However, and it is a big one, I’ve debated quite a few intelligent Americans who are voting for her (via McCain). They would prefer the devil they know (repugs) in power in these times of turbulence and think she will bring a ‘freshness’- ubetcha – style to the WH.
    Of course this is all happening with the aiding and abetting of NBC and its ilk.
    But I find I’m more gobsmacked than anything else with this campaign. It is full of rather dirty hollow surprises and not much content.

  3. Jonathan – welcome to Sparrow Chat. Who would ever want to leave Middle-Earth?

    Just call me Frodo Adams! 😉

    Twilight – oh, dear – and I typed out the last paragraph of that essay especially for you.

    Don’t you hate it when a literary nugget simply disappears into cyberspace? Re-writing is just never as good. Blogger is particularly prone to do that, though WordPress isn’t without fault.

    I’m afraid, as you noticed, I don’t share your enthusiasm for the ‘small town’ brigade. It not for nothing all those old horror movies of the fifties and sixties were set in the archetypical US small town. I can easily imagine Sarah Palin slinking around the dark allies of Wasilla in the early hours, scaring polar bears out their skins. As for all those ‘fly-over states’ – my advice to anyone would be, keep flying!

    WWW – intelligence and common sense frequently don’t go hand-in-hand. Frankly, I’d as soon vote one of Alaska’s grizzly bears into the White House, than Palin. Come to think of it, there’s not much difference, and then there’s the old ‘McCain Moose’ for company.

    Having viewed some of the Wasilla residents via TV news, I’m all for secession, casting them adrift, and pushing the whole state over to Russia’s side of the Bering Sea.

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