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A whole bundle of congratulations must go to NBC and its show, clinic NBC Nightly News, cialis broadcast Sunday July 22nd, for managing to cast a really heavy slur over the British Broadcasting Corporation, by intimating the Corporation had a policy of deliberately misleading its viewers.

While there have been occasional problems over the last twelve months, mainly due to inexperienced production staff panicking during live shows when technical problems have caused on-air phone-in competitors to be suddenly cut-off, any suggestion that the BBC is deliberately misleading viewers is both shameful and inaccurate.

Another “gaff” slobbered over by NBC was an edited clip of the Queen, showing her apparently walking off in a huff while being filmed. This clip was never publicly aired except in a private viewing to journalists as part of a “forthcoming attractions” meeting, and was shown along with many other clips of upcoming fall programming. While the clip had been edited out of context and the Queen had never been guilty of such behavior, the documentary in question was not made by the BBC, but by RDF Media, a company independent of the BBC, who admitted their negligence in the editing department as soon as the problem came to light.

It is also necessary to point out that none of these incidents has involved the News Department, which has consistently produced accurate and balanced reporting that often leaves NBC News looking like a poorly produced, small town, amateur pantomime.

Quite why, with the plethora of news stories available in the world today, NBC should find it necessary to run such an outrageous slur on a fellow TV broadcaster is questionable in the extreme.

Is it possible those in control feel the BBC is broadcasting the truth of the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan and giving Americans a chance to understand what their government is actually up to in the Middle East, while American news channels slant the coverage to maximize US successes, in an effort to stem further erosion in this country of support for the war?

Congratulations NBC for a glorious example of American media underhandedness.

One is reminded of a certain individual who once remarked:

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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  1. I just watched the documentary by the BBC called THE CENTURY OF THE SELF – wonderful program on how people are manipulated. You don’t see ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX ever producing anything remotely interesting since sales of useless products is their only purpose – that and promoting the agendas of their corp bosses. The news is a joke. 60 Minutes used to be interesting but it seems like all they can do now is rerun old pieces.

  2. Just happened on your blog by serendipity.Read some of your postings,generally astute,interesting read!! Had to reply to this one about accuracy of BBC. It’s true that incident(s)you cite were from ‘outsourced’production companies,but there have been other instances of inaccurate and misleading reporting by Beeb themselves.E.g. on Beeb1 on 23rd May a nature programme entitled Incredible Animal Journeys was broadcast.The presenter,Steve Leonard,was apparently following a herd of migrating caribou in Canada via a GPS receiver from a hotel room in the Yukon.Er,no. A viewer spotted a British electrical socket in this Yukon room!Leonard was actually pretending he was doing this,several WEEKS later and some 5000 miles away! Reconstructions like this are supposed to be labelled as such on the programme,but was not. This genre of programme is the forte of BBC (almost everything else is consistently being ‘dumbed-down’to an abysmal level)and whilst it may seem minor,it does nothing to instil confidence in truth and accuracy,especially when added to the fraudulent extortion of unsuspecting callers to their phone-ins.Incidentally,only the ‘Blue Peter’phone-in could be described as on-air technical problems-the rest appear to be deliberate greed and deception.If these were run by outsourced companies,do the Beeb not have a duty to ensure their proper administration?Particularly when the BBC,already demands a blanket TV licence costing some $260 p.a.on threat of imprisonment for God’s sake!Whilst I appreciate that your criteria of ‘good’ tv is (deeply and justifiably)coloured by your living experience of American ‘broadcasting’ (I don’t envy you!)you broad assertion of accuracy and truthfulness is itself therefore patently inaccurate.If your description of the alleged ‘truthful and accurate’ reporting of the Iraq and Afghan wars by the BBC is only based on direct comparison with the truly dreadful NBC/American diatribe,then it is spurious.The only truth now presented to the masses on both sides of the pond is the one the controllers of our countries see fit to give us.Truth is spin,even now Dubya’s Bush-baby Bliar has gone! Chip,chip!!

  3. Flimsy – an excellent documentary. I saw it in when it was originally broadcast in Britain not long before coming over here. The BBC is hardly a perfect organization, but compared to those companies you mention, it is vastly superior in all aspects.

    JPGR – welcome to Sparrow Chat. the use of “reconstructions”, often computer-generated, where it is left up to the viewer to determine the authenticity or not, is one of my pet hates. They are being used more and more in science programs in place of footage from exploring spacecraft. One never knows if the surface of Mars is actual footage or a computer’s mock-up.

    As for the BBC’s responsibility to its license payers to ensure authenticity, I agree with you. I was not suggesting the corporation was blameless, only that despite its defects it is vastly more conscientious in this area than any American network -with the exception of PBS, the nearest thing Americans have to the BBC, and grossly underfunded as a result. Where we may be slightly at odds is over reporting standards re the Middle East wars. Independent i.e. “non-embedded” journalists like John Simpson, Alan Johnston (of course), and Jim Muir have provided excellent, unbiased reports throughout. I agree, though, there is always the pressure from political sources to play-down or play-up certain situations, and decisions taken between executives and political aides over brandy and cigars at certain exclusive London clubs are, I am sure, a definite factor.

  4. NBC and the BBC play in very different leagues. I doubt that NBC will rise even to the level of Triple-A.

    I remember the day when everybody watched the nightly news with Huntley, Brinkley and Cronkite. Those days are gone. The media spends much more time on Lindsay, Paris and other celebrities than our damn wars.

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