Message To An Archbishop

Many would question the existence of good and evil, certainly in a Biblical sense. The human ability to fail, while attempting the perfection demanded by Biblical ‘goodness’, needs no clarification here.

If, however, evil exists and can take on material form –


– then you’re looking at it now.

In Pernambuco, Brazil, lives a little nine year old girl. She has been sexually abused and raped by her stepfather since the age of six. Recently, the girl was taken to hospital suffering from stomach pains. It was discovered she was pregnant with twins.

Doctors decided the girl was too young for her body to cope with such a pregnancy. They made the wise decision to abort the foetuses.

Meanwhile, the stepfather disappeared, but has since been arrested.

For carrying out the abortion on this unfortunate child, the doctors involved have been excommunicated from the Roman Catholic church. For agreeing to the operation, which saved her daughter’s life, the mother has suffered a similar fate.

The character whose evil countenance stares back at us from the image above is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Jose Cardoso Sobrinho. The decision to excommunicate these people was his, when his attempts to prevent the abortion, failed.

I have only one thing to say to Archbishop Sobrinho:

Sir, I despise your beliefs, your notions of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’, your distorted and fabricated vision of a God incapable of mercy, compassion, or even interest, in what you consider to be His greatest creation.

You, sir, are sick of mind and twisted by your own arrogance and egotism. You ruin countless lives on Earth by justifying the myth of eternal life hereafter, a myth that lines your ample pockets and allows you control of others, weak and in need of love you cannot even comprehend.

I am so glad your ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ do not exist, except that is, in the dark, forbidding, caverns of your soul. For, if I were to find myself one day in the same Heaven as yourself, I fear it would be only moments before I was transported to that ‘other place’, for the mortal sin of throttling any remaining eternal life from your bloated, evil, body.”

Both the little girl’s mother, and the doctors responsible for saving her life, should rejoice to be freed from the bondage imposed on them and millions of others who know no better, by that despicable and ungodly institution existing under the misnomer of the ‘Roman Catholic Church’.

[1] “Rape row sparks excommunications” BBC, March 5th 2009

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4 Replies to “Message To An Archbishop”

  1. I was so sickened when I read this, this morning, RJA, that I felt physically ill that such evil could stare me in the face.

    And then I read a response and it said simply:

    “If altar boys had gotten pregnant, abortion would have been a sacrament.”

    I don’t know why it made me feel better but it did.


    That poor little child. Damaged for life.

  2. Unbelievable. Thank goodness the doctor had the compassion and good sense to provide some measure of concern for the real victim here.

    Though her mother didn’t protect her daughter(s) from this man, at least she saw clearly enough not to put her daughter under further torture.

    @wisewebwoman, I have to remember that quote.

  3. WWW – you find all the best sayings. 😉

    Goodness knows how the child will cope with life after such a traumatic start.

    Nancy Chenier – welcome to Sparrow Chat. One can only wonder about this man, that the mother never took action sooner. As he’s been arrested, no doubt it will all come out eventually. And, yes, the doctors deserve our respect.

  4. Ugh! That’s one of the most sickening stories yet, RJ – and that’s saying something! I’m hating churches and their leaders more and more – by the hour.

    That poor child would have died without an abortion, likely the two babies also, or else they’d have been so badly deformed or mutated, and would have died in days. Her body is the body of a child, not mature enough to carry or nurture babies FFS!!! These people have no ability to think rationally, they are demented – no other word for it. 🙁

    As you say, the ex-communicated are the lucky ones, I hope they appreciate as much and do not fret over it.

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