Look What You’ve Done To My Child, George…

“Look what they’ve done to my child, George

Look what they’ve done to my child.

He was born near blind and with a deformed leg,

and I think he’s half insane, George,

Look what you’ve done to my child.”

Click on the screenshot to discover what George and his pals have done to the children of Iraq.

Be prepared to shed tears, unless of course you’re George or one of his pals, then you’ll just shrug it off, and label it “collateral damage”.

The YouTube embedding facility of this video has been disabled “by request”, presumably because it offended the delicate sensitivities of too many in the Western world. Otherwise, it would have been embedded here on Sparrow Chat. My thanks to “Gorilla’s Guides” for at least being able to open our eyes.

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2 Replies to “Look What You’ve Done To My Child, George…”

  1. America has yet to witness this sort of shameful thing first hand. However, to corn a phrase “It won’t be long now.”

    Many, if not most, of those (surving) troops stationed over there (for sooo long) living in a diabolical depleted uranium atmosphere, will in the main be fatheirng children of their own.

    Like I said, It won’t be long now. Pretty soon — the baloon goes up — big time.

  2. Makes the current financial mess pale into insignificance, doesn’t it?

    These tragic incidences will never be shown to the general public here though, most politicians or commentators don’t even mention the numbers (probably a million or even more) civilians killed in Iraq
    when they mention the thousands of US troops who have died. I usually yell back at the TV “and the millions of Iraqis – don’t forget THEM!”

    I sometimes wish there was a God – he would surely smite down a few of the perpetrators of horrors such as this.

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