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You may notice a new icon on the Sparrow Chat posts, just below the title. It says simply ‘Listen Now’, and is an audio file of the post allowing users to hear, rather than read, the relevant article.

This ‘plug-in’ was discovered while visiting the blog of Lodro Rigdzin at “augmented illusions”. Lodro recently commented on the Sparrow Chat article, “Daniel James – R.I.P.”, and his blog is interesting, and worth a visit.

It behooves us all to seek out ways to make our online work more accessible to the handicapped. Thanks to Odiogo, who own the software that creates the audio files, Sparrow Chat is now more accessible to those with impaired sight, who may find it easier to listen, rather than to read.

As well as providing an audiostream, the files are also available for download as a podcast. The service is free. Readers may like to consider offering it on their own blogs.

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3 Replies to ““Listen Now””

  1. Very glad that my blog could be a source of inspiration! Great that your book on english canal life is available as an audio book. Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the link to Odiogo, RJ. I’ve saved it. Not sure many of my own blog writings are suitable for this treatment, though, but it’s certainly a very useful accessory, and ingenious technology.

    At first I thought I was going to hear your own dulcet tones with a hint of Liverpool, but I was disappointed. 😉

  3. Lodro Rigdzin – I’m happy to oblige. I enjoyed perusing your blog.

    Twilight – I’m afraid not. To enjoy the infinite reward of my dulcet tones, you have to buy my audiobook.

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