Kill The Crazed Greed-Fest Of Black Friday


Fifteen years ago, when I left the U.K. to live in America, no-one in Britain had ever heard of ‘Black Friday’. The day following my first Thanksgiving I thought it might be so-named because everybody ate and drank so much on the Thursday that they stayed away from work next day. It seemed a great idea. What was the point of going into the office or factory for one day, feeling like death warmed up, when it was the start of a weekend anyway? In Britain, everyone stays home after a feast day. Of course, that was before I learned of the American work-ethic.

I soon discovered the truth, and to be frank, I was appalled. The idea of rushing into the mall in the early hours to fight over a TV or computer, immediately after spending a pseudo-religious day giving thanks for one’s lot, just seemed so hypocritical. Of course, that was before I became familiar with the ‘other’ American religion – shopping!

The idea of Black Friday has now spread to Britain – like most things American eventually do. Hopefully, despite the efforts of far-right political parties like UKIP, U.S. gun-culture won’t catch on in the U.K.. Having seen first hand the catastrophic results of America’s crazy misinterpretation of its Second Amendment, let me assure all Brits it would be the very worst that could possibly happen to you and your country. America will never be a stable nation while around forty percent of the population own at least one firearm, with many owning far more. I’m not talking sporting shotguns, but pistols, rifles, and automatic weapons by the score.

In America Black Friday comes around once a year. For approximately 110 Americans every day is a Black day, for that was the number killed or injured daily by firearms in 2015, many of them children. And that figure doesn’t include suicides by firearm.

Not surprisingly there’s a spike in shootings on Black Friday in America. Greed, tiredness from waiting long hours in the cold, hangovers from the previous day’s festivities, all contribute to the mix of tensions as those doors are thrown open and the dash to find a bargain begins.

Many would like to see the end of Black Friday, both in the U.S. and U.K.. Some stores are no longer taking part. Many people boycott the sales in protest.[1]

It’s time to end this crazed greed-fest. It’s time we regained our dignity and morality and said enough is enough.

[1] “Black Friday backlash getting bigger – and more consumerist” BBC, November 26th 2016

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  1. On the highway today I was able to get an overview of the hundreds of cars circling the malls like cultures waiting to pick carrion from bones. Not a parking spot in these temples to consumerism and capitalistic frenzy. There’s something terribly sick about it all.

  2. WWW – it’s a reminder of how little it takes for us humans to revert to animalistic, self-centered, scavenging, individuals prepared to kill and maim if necessary in order to be first at the carcass.

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