Keeping A Divine Sense Of Proportion

This week three planets were photographed in another solar system approximately 300 light years away from Earth –

– and Sarah Palin said she “hopes God will show her the way”[1] in any future bid for the White House.

Isn’t it time we stopped listening to such drivel, and treated those who spout it with the derision they deserve? The image above shows objects so far away we cannot even begin to comprehend the distance. Science has revealed to us the very boundaries of the Universe, yet it has failed miserably to detect any indication of a “God”.

One hesitates to even pen the thought, for fear of the horror unleashed by the faithful and godly, but isn’t it just possible Sarah Palin’s ‘God’ doesn’t exist at all?

In fact, the truth is it “isn’t just possible” Sarah Palin’s ‘God’ doesn’t exist, it’s absolutely completely and utterly impossible for ‘It’ to exist.

Here’s why:

On present day estimates, our Universe is considered to contain approximately 200 billion galaxies. While they vary in size, our own galaxy – the Milky Way – is about average. It contains roughly 100 billion suns, the vast majority (it is conjectured) having planets revolving around them.

Given those figures, if you own a large enough calculator it’s possible to multiply 200 billion by 100 billion and come up with the number of suns in the known Universe. Of course, it won’t be a perfectly accurate figure, but for our needs it will serve well enough.

To most of us the figure arrived at will be meaningless – just as the figure of 300 light years (the distance to that other solar system) is equally meaningless. We cannot conceive of the speed of light, even though we can write it as a figure.

Because it utilizes the number ‘300’, it doesn’t initially appear so big, does it? Pah! It’s only three hundred light years away, just around the corner really. Well, in terms of the size of the Universe, it is.

Let’s consider those numbers more closely. In one year, light will travel through the Universe a total of 5.88×1012 miles. In 300 years it will travel 300 times that distance. Perplexed? The distance in recognizable terms is actually 1,763 Trillion miles. And no, I didn’t work it out, WikiAnswers did, but I’ll believe them if you will.

Again, on initial observation that figure doesn’t appear all that large. Why? Because we are using ‘miles’ as the measurement, and we all know roughly how long a mile is. For a moment, forget the ‘miles’ and just dwell on the number ‘1,763 Trillion’.

Is it becoming a bit more mind-boggling now?

Compare that to the number of suns in the Universe. 200 billion galaxies multiplied by 100 billion suns in the Milky Way, produces the figure of 2.0 × 1022 suns, of which our own sun is just ‘1’. WikiAnswers refused to redefine that total as a sum with a host of zeros after it, because the page wasn’t big enough to fit them all on, so we can safely assume it’s a humongously large figure.

What, though, you may ask does this have to do with the existence of Sarah Palin’s ‘God’?

Before going further, let me clarify that I’m not attempting to prove the non-existence of any ‘Divine Being’, or ‘Beings’. I well accept the possibility that some Universal Grand Intelligence may have had a hand, or a foot, or even a flipper, in the design and construction of everything Universal.

Let’s take a moment to once again regard the staggeringly huge numbers we observed above, and then compare them to Sarah Palin, who, even in seven inch heels, will struggle to make six feet.

Given these facts, what are the odds of any ‘Divine Being’ having an awareness of Sarah Palin’s existence, let alone giving a toss as to whether she becomes president of a cosmically microscopic speck of dust?

To further confirm my opinions, George W Bush also had hallucinations he was called on by his ‘God’ to be president, and look what a God-Almighty mess he made of it.

It’s a sad fact that the majority of the human species can’t face up to being the equivalent of a worthless bevy of bacteria. They long to be something more glorious, much bigger, and more valuable. They go to enormous lengths to self deceive, inventing non-existent super-wraiths who’ll grant them immortality if they just bend the knee in supplication, then slaughter a few thousand of the super-wraith’s enemies, who just happen to live on the same tiny, insignificant, planet……..

Do you know how many tiny, insignificant, planets are floating about in the Universe?

No, neither do I, and I’m not even going to try to work it out, but it would prove to be a vastly larger number than any other integer quoted in this article.

[1] “Palin looks to God over 2012 bid”, BBC, November 11th 2008

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3 Replies to “Keeping A Divine Sense Of Proportion”

  1. Even the wonderful Carl Sagan didn’t say enough when he said “billions and billions and billions”, did he? It’s all way beyond what our tiny minds can comprehend. So Gov. Palin and her ilk manage to compress it all into a tiny enough package to convince themselves that they actually matter and can have a say in the greater scheme of things.

    Oddly enough I’ve got a post ready for tomorrow loosely on the subject of space and all that. Maybe I was reading your mind RJ…. 😉

  2. Ah that Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper adored by Dubya, Palin and ilk. Kept ultra busy, I see, by these new (to us) head-hurting trillions of planets and suns, oh my.
    That tells us a whole pile right there.
    As Groucho said, I don’t want no part of no club dey belong to. No way.
    PS Missed this great post of yours until today, RJA.

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