It’s Getting Better In Iraq, Isn’t It?

“”There are times I get up in the middle of the night and I say, ‘Oh my God, how are we going to solve it? God help me to help those kids!'” ~ Said Ismail Hakki, President of the Iraqi Red Crescent.


“The head of Iraq’s main humanitarian group said an 18-year-old approached him with a baby suffering from leukemia. The desperate mother said she’d do “anything” for treatment for her child — and then offered herself up for sex.

Said Ismail Hakki breaks down in tears as he recalls that story. Leukemia can be treatable to a degree in much of the world, but not in Iraq. The baby died two months later.

“It shook me like hell,” said Hakki, the president of the Iraqi Red Crescent. “All my life I’ve been a surgeon. I’ve seen blood; I’ve seen death. That never shook me — none whatsoever. But when I see the suffering of those people, that really shook me.”

The plight of Iraq’s children is nearing epidemic proportions, he said, with mothers and fathers abandoning their children “because they’re becoming a liability.” The parents don’t do it out of convenience, they do it out of desperation……”

Read the rest of this heart-rending story, and watch the videos, HERE.

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6 Replies to “It’s Getting Better In Iraq, Isn’t It?”

  1. It just breaks your heart. And it’s one little story in a country that has millions more just as tragic. Will the world ever forgive America for what we have done?

  2. It’s taken (at least) two and half generations of (most of, but still not all) Europe to forgive Germany. Dare say it will take as long in America’s case – but only starting from the day they decide to cease hostilities, of course.

  3. LaPopessa – the world may forgive America in time. I doubt it will ever forgive the politicians who caused the mayhem.

    TOB – cease hostilities and begin reparation.

    Twilight – Karma I could wish for. Then George Bush would come back as a Bernard Matthew’s turkey – just before Christmas.

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