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  1. Re your previous post, and this one, have you seen John Pilger’s latest yet, RJ?


    At last, someone mentions the at least 1 million Iraqi deaths;

    False reality It is not known how many Iraqis have died. They are “countless”, or maybe “in the tens of thousands”.

    Fact As a direct consequence of the Anglo-American-led invasion, a million Iraqis have died. This figure, from Opinion Research Business, follows peer-reviewed research by Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, whose methods were secretly affirmed as “best practice” and “robust” by the Blair government’s chief scientific adviser. This is rarely reported or presented to “charming” American generals. Neither is the dispossession of four million Iraqis, the malnourishment of most Iraqi children, the epidemic of mental illness, or the poisoning of the environment.

    I kept shouting at the TV and Obama the other night – “what about the million or so Iraqi deaths? Don’t you care?”

  2. Twilight – no, I hadn’t seen Pilger’s article. Thanks for pointing me to it. Sadly, a few of the negative comments that followed it illustrate perfectly the effectiveness of Bernay’s techniques.

    For me, it’s not so important for the exact numbers of dead Iraqis to be known. What is inhuman and unacceptable was the US administration’s cold, calculating, decision to make no effort to count the dead- they were simply pigeon-holed as ‘collateral damage’. That one act defined for me America’s attitude towards anyone not ‘American’: surplus to requirements; dispensable; no more than ‘collateral damage’.

    The truth is that the vast majority killed were not ‘collateral damage’. They were the direct result of a bungled military operation led by inept, uncoordinated, military officers and politicians whose bloodlust after 9/11 would only be sated by taking an innocent nation and ripping it apart as a terrier would a rabbit.

    Now, they pretend to walk proudly away like the bullies they are, content to leave a bloody mess behind them, but stand ready to move back in (indeed, they’re still there!) once their Iraqi puppet politicians have brought the rabble to heel.

  3. I was appalled at BO’s statement of turning the page on these millions of slaughtered, homeless, poisoned, innocent people while he patted The Shrub on the head for his brave stance even though he, BO, did not endorse it AT THE TIME. All that’s missing is the codpiece.
    We are gone too far, RJA and there is no turning back. Make like Walden’s Pond. Fast.
    PS I am having awful trouble accessing here. I’m now on Windows 7 – don’t know whether this has anything to do with it?

  4. WWW – sorry your having problems. Are you still on the dreadful dial-up? If so, Windows 7 may be the problem. If not, 7 should really be faster than XP. My wife uses ‘7’ on a new laptop. Personally, I’m not a fan (I speak of ‘7’, not my wife!) but it does seem to browse faster on broadband. Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  5. No I’m now on turbo stick, called HSPA elsewhere, I believe. It has resolved itself today with your blog. Prior to this it was asking me for a password to access your website and my first thought was: “they” are spying my old pal!
    It’s gone now.
    PS I’m the only one in the world who liked her Vista…

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