It Kind-a Makes One Proud…

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…to be born a European!

I’ve met many Americans since I came over here eleven years ago. Not one of them bears the slightest character resemblance to the arrogant, smug, prat featured in the above commercial.

I’m sure there’s many like him, who revel in this sort of overbearing behavior. We see them every day on our TV screens: news anchors, politicians, even some comedic chat show hosts (you’ll note I’m not singling out Bill Maher!)

The true Joe American is nothing like that. It’s time the media realized it. All it does is give America a bad name – as a nation of arrogant bastards.

Oh, and incidentally, the first electric vehicle was built by a European, a Scot named Robert Davidson from Aberdeen, in 1837, and it was a French physicist, Gaston Planté, who invented the lead-acid battery in 1865, which was vastly improved in 1881 by another French scientist, Camille Alphonse Faure.

An Englishman, Thomas Parker, designed and built the first truly practical electric car in 1884 using his own design of rechargeable batteries. The Germans were building electric cars by 1888.

It wasn’t until fifteen years later the first electric vehicle – a tricycle(!) – appeared in the US.

Oh, and in case you weren’t aware -the 2014 Cadillac ELR has a 1.4 liter petrol engine under the bonnet – sorry, I meant, “hood”. It’s electric range is a paltry 35 miles.

Which makes it something of a fraud – n’est pas?

[1] “It’s all in Wikipedia” N’est pas?

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  1. That ad was shown again and again during breaks in the Oscars Awards show – didn’t know whether to laugh or throw something!
    It helped a bit recognising the actor. He played the part of a very nasty baddie in the TV series “Justified” which we’d recently been watching on DVD.

    I’ve yet to meet anyone approaching that advert’s character in real life – but then in deepest Oklahoma that’s not surprising. We occasionally see a Caddie, but only of a certain vintage, well worn and showing its age (rather like yours truly!) 😉

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