Israel Does It Again

Now that the Israeli elections are just about over, it seems congratulations are in order for Tzipi Livni and her Kadima party………

Now that the Israeli elections are just about over, it seems congratulations are in order for Benyamin Netanyahu and his Likud party………

Now that the Israeli elections are just about over, it seems congratulations are in order for Avigdor Lieberman and his Yisrael Beitenu party, who is “really the King” after the voting is counted, according to media sources.

With both major parties claiming victory, and neither able to govern without the cooperation of Mister Lieberman, Israeli politics has yet again fallen victim to its own longtime military strategy: divide and conquer.

Allowing Avigdor Lieberman any position of power will surely send shudders down the spines of Arabs everywhere, but particularly in Gaza and the West Bank. He is the hardest of hardliners. So much so, that even old warriors like Shimon Peres have been known to take him to task for unwarranted remarks about Palestinians.

At 8am we’ll bomb all the commercial centres… at noon we’ll bomb their gas stations… at two we’ll bomb their banks…… “

………he once said, while discussing policy in the Knesset. To which Peres responded:

And at 6pm you’ll receive an invitation to the international tribunal in The Hague.”[1]

Of course, that was back in 2002. Word has it, Lieberman’s not softened his stance over the years. He was originally a night-club bouncer in Moravia before emigrating to Israel in 1978, at the age of twenty.

One really must wonder why Israelis bother going to the polls at all. For years now, the same old faces appear and reappear, until eventually carted off to jail by the police on corruption charges or forced to resign like Ehud Olmert, or ex-President Moshe Katsav who “stepped down” last year following accusations of raping a subordinate and other sexual harassment charges.

Can the Palestinians expect anything other than ‘more of the same’ from this election?

The most likely result will be, perhaps, even more of “more of the same”.

If we examine the three main players more closely, it may seem the most accommodating scenario for the Arabs would be if Tzipi Livni led the next government. After all, she’s a woman, and maybe less hard and entrenched than her male counterparts.

When one learns that both her father and her mother were active members of the Israeli terrorist group, Irgun………


………and Livni herself worked for the Israeli secret police, Mossad, for two years before resigning to complete her law studies, that hope tends to dissolve away as swiftly as early morning mist over the Golan Heights.

Neither Benyamin Netanyahu, nor his parents, served in Irgun, but he has been vociferous in defending that organization (the same one as bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem [92 dead] in 1946 and was responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre of around 115 Palestinians in 1948).

It’s very important to make the distinction between terror groups and freedom fighters, and between terror action and legitimate military action…..”[2]

……… he once said, in a 2006 speech commemorating the King David bombing, declaring that “the Irgun were governed by morals, unlike fighters from groups such as Hamas.”

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, or so the saying goes.

Palestinians will draw no comfort from these Israeli election results, but that won’t come as any surprise to them.

Israeli elections are only ever about inflicting more suffering on Arabs, not less.

[1] “We risk charges of war crimes, Peres tells Cabinet” The Independent, March 7th 2002

[2] “British anger at terror celebration” TimesOnLine, July 20th 2006

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