Israel Declares Open Season On Palestinian Farmers

Whose side are you on in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Perhaps you feel that Israel has every right to defend itself against the homemade rockets Hamas and other Palestinian freedom fighters (terrorists?) have been firing across the Gaza/Israel border, or maybe you consider both sides equally to blame – that’s it’s time they all grew up and began respecting each other’s position?

It’s hardly surprising if you hold either of the above viewpoints. Both Israel and the US have worked hard over the years at suppressing the truth about the conflict. Israel even rewrites its school history books so young Jewish minds are thoroughly medicated, with a sanitized version of Israel’s history.

The truth is somewhat different. There are some Israelis appalled by their nation’s actions against the Palestinians. They are usually secular Jews. Most Israelis, regard the Palestinians as something less than human. For years, their government has forced the Arabs to live like rats in a sewer, eking a living from farming the poor soil, always bowing the knee to their Israeli masters.

The idea of a one, or two, state solution has been played along with for decades. It’s not the intention of Israel to accept either proposition. While US politicians and European governments consistently mouth empty rhetoric, dangling the prospect of a free Palestinian society before Arabs like a carrot just out of reach of the donkey, they turn blind eyes to the interminable encroachment of Israeli “settlements”, as the Jewish nation inexorably expands into the Palestinian territories.

Expansion is the focus of these “Chosen People of Jehovah”. According to their myths and legends the god Jehovah gave them all this land, and it is their right to reclaim it.

Those non-Jews presently living on this “Holy Land” are merely rodents to be exterminated, or driven elsewhere.

So Israeli soldiers use them for target practice, and are captured doing so on video shot by courageous international human rights activists.

One such human rights activist, in a yellow reflective vest, shouts through a megaphone pleading with the Israelis to stop shooting at the unarmed and defenseless Palestinian farmers, desperately trying to harvest their crop of parsley.

In this incident, on February 18th 2009, they shot and wounded a Palestinian farmer in the leg. On January 27th 2009, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 27 year old, unarmed, Palestinian farmer. Another incident, on February 5th, was also captured on camera. Mercifully, on this occasion, no-one was injured. [see link][1]

In all these cases the Palestinians were on their own land, unarmed, creating no provocation, and at least 600 – 700 meters from the Israeli border.

Needless to say, no senior Israeli military officer, nor any government agent, makes any attempt to stop it.

No doubt, to “God’s Chosen People” it’s more fun than a turkey shoot.

[1] “Farming under fire” YouTube, February 7th 2009

NOTE: Once again, my thanks go to This Old Brit for providing the links and information.

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4 Replies to “Israel Declares Open Season On Palestinian Farmers”

  1. I have heard that Hamas was created by Israel. If that is true the conflict could be just a fixed performance which would be a convenient excuse for Israel to murder Palestinians.

    There are many conspiracies… WTCs were destroyed by controlled demolition for Afghan oil pipe lines.

  2. Thanks for helping get the truth out, RJ. You’re a gent ~~ and there aren’t that many left.

    Take a look at this, though ~ everyone should.

    Even those who are squemish and/ or don’t want their sensibilities offended should see this. They have no need to worry. They’ll see no blood nor any death. All they will see is some IDF thugs ~ with the complete connivence of a (so-called) officer, cold bloodedly maim a young man for life.

  3. Masa – Hamas arose from a faction of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood around the time of the First Intifada (1987-93). For a while they were responsible for some terrible suicide bombings within Israel, so it is unlikely the Israeli government had anything to do with their creation.

    As for the WTCs, evidence apparently supporting the controlled demolition theory falls apart when subjected to serious scrutiny. No, it was more likely a retaliatory attack by Islamic extremists, sick of their nations being overrun by western imperialism.

    Whether anyone within the US administration (or, even, just outside it) had any prior knowledge of the event, is open to debate.

    TOB – always happy to oblige, my friend. The more this gets broadcast, the greater the impact. Of course, the Israelis say it’s all staged. Just like their recent invasion of Gaza, no doubt!

    Thanks for the link. I was going to put it on the front page, where it belongs, but then I noted embedding has been disabled. So I’ve made it the “Hot-Link” of the week, instead.

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