Isn’t It Time America Cared For Those Other Than Themselves?


Yet again America displays a total disregard for the rest of the world. For the third time in less than six months US forces have led failed rescue missions to liberate hostages held by al Qaeda. Yesterday (Saturday) was the latest attempt, aimed at freeing American journalist Luke Somers. It failed when the US Special Forces were discovered, and Somers was shot by his captors.

There was another hostage in the compound who also lost his life that night. He was a South African, Pierre Korkie. He and his wife, Yolande, were kidnapped by terrorists in May 2013, in Yemen’s second city, Taiz.[1]

Pierre Korkie received barely a mention in tonight’s US news bulletin. Most of the reporting was focused on political damage control – how dangerous these missions were; how they could so easily go wrong, etc, etc,.

Yolande Korkie was released unconditionally last January. She’s been campaigning for her husband’s release ever since. He’d worked for a charity, Gift of the Givers, teaching underprivileged Yemeni children. The charity had been negotiating his release for some time and had finalized arrangements with his captors, for a ransom payment of $200,000. Pierre Korkie was to be freed today (Sunday).

Mrs Korkie had hoped to have her husband back with her for Christmas. Instead, all she’ll get is his dead body. An American spokesman said today they knew there was a second hostage in the compound, but had no idea who it was.

Apparently, no-one bothered to ask, despite worldwide news coverage of the negotiations between the charity and Korkie’s captors.

This is yet another example of the US acting unilaterally, unconcerned about treading on anyone else’s toes in the process. On this occasion it caused the needless death of an individual who might otherwise have been at home now in the bosom of his family.

A US administration spokesperson stated they had to move swiftly as they had intelligence Luke Somers was about to be executed. That hardly makes any sense when ISIS has been executing American and British hostages with impunity over recent weeks while both governments have sat back and done absolutely nothing to prevent them.

Perhaps this raid was primarily an attempt to bolster flagging Democrat poll numbers?

If so, it failed in more ways than one.

[1] “SABC News: Pierre Korkie” December 8th 2014

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  1. If US can’t bomb others into “freedoms” and “democracy” in exchange for G.O.D.*, what’s the point? Get a grip RJA. 🙂
    Gold, oil, drugs.

  2. WWW – you’re right, of course. Why do I bother?

    I’ve deleted your second (PS) comment, as it didn’t pertain to this post, but I note the content. Thank you.

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