Is There Such A Thing As An Honest Removal Company?

Posting has been light of late as I’ve been involved with other projects. Not the least of which was attempting to sort out a reputable removal company, to shift all our belongings north to the Michigan Upper Peninsula, this coming June.

Surely, not a difficult task, I hear you say?

Don’t believe it. It appears the moving trade is now riddled with snake-oil salesmen and scam artists, all out to relieve you of your hard-earned cash, and quite possibly, your most valuable possessions in the process.

The first mistake I made was using one of those, “Get three instant quotes” websites – “Orbitz Moving”, I believe it was. You know, one of those bright, shiny, websites with lots of happy, smiling, faces reminiscent of satisfied customers. Distantly reminiscent, in the case of this bunch, at least, judging by the vast numbers of dis-satisfied customers airing their grievances about the companies contracted to this outfit.

I’d used ‘Orbitz’ for many a flight booking in the past and always been satisfied with the service. Mistake number two was assuming some connection. First rule of the internet these days: never assume anything!

‘Orbitz Moving’ doesn’t move anybody. It simply passes information on to any nefarious moving firm prepared, no doubt, to cough up a percentage of the takings if you’re daft enough to sign with them.

Of course, my email inbox was inundated with offers, phony contracts, crazily low ‘estimates’, and voicemail messages from hard-hitting sales staff determined to entice me into their web.

It didn’t take too much research before I hit the ‘delete’ button on every one.

After eight hours or so of total time-wasting I eventually short-listed two that seemed reliable. I would have preferred a choice of three, but in today’s ‘make a fast buck and to hell with customer service’ America, there wasn’t one other I could find that didn’t have a host of complaints laid against them.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Watch this space.

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2 Replies to “Is There Such A Thing As An Honest Removal Company?”

  1. Good luck with the move!

    The ‘price comparison’ websites must work so differently outside the UK – in the UK, they take you to a genuine (though obviously there is some form of advertising kickback) comparison of different companies, no need to enter any personal info until you want to get to more detailed level of quotation, plus loads of feedback on the suppliers. Here in NZ, I went to a similar website for an insurance company – a year and a half later, I’m still being spammed, and I didn’t go with any of the companies ‘suggested’ by the website.

  2. Nothing is ever straight-forward here is it RJ? I sympathise. Perhaps this is the single Herculean task you need to perform – after which all will be easy-peasy. Hope so! 🙂

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