Is The West’s Hacking Self-Righteousness Really Justified?

Iran’s been hacking into the emails of university professors in various countries on the planet, including the U.K., Israel, Germany, and Japan – and (of course) the United States. It’s the U.S. who’ve made this known.

According to U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (and the BBC):

Many of the “intrusions”, Mr Rosenstein said, were done “at the behest of the Iranian government and, specifically, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps”.

The hackers also targeted the US Department of Labor, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the United Nations, according to prosecutors. [1]

It’s interesting that countries that have become ‘more of an enemy’ since Donald Trump came to power are suddenly hacking away at the U.S. and other Western nations like mad. First it was Russia, then North Korea, and now Iran. And let’s not forget those pesky Chinese.

We have to take the word of those spouting this stuff in the U.S. because they’re never going to provide the general public with any evidence that what they’re saying is true. Someone in the White House, or the behemoth National Security Agency, or wherever, suddenly announces that so-and-so has hacked such-and-such, and in no time at all it’s headline news on all the major channels, repeated until done to death, leaving mostly everyone – including some politicians – convinced that it has to be true or it wouldn’t have created such a brouhaha.

Britain is now copying the U.S., which is hardly surprising as it’s in line to become the 51st State of the Union. Theresa May’s just waiting on Brexit before posting Britain’s résumé to Donald Trump. In jolly British nationalistic fashion the BBC’s gone all anti-Russian over the Soviet spy poisoned by some nasty chemical, and dear old Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called Vlad Putin another Hitler.

It seems strange that, given all these less-than-desirable nations hacking away at us willy-nilly, we are so slow to respond in like fashion.

Is that because we’re the ‘good guys’?

Or, could it be we’ve been at it for years – but we just don’t get told about that?

[1] “Iran angered by US imposition of cyber sanctions” BBC, March 24th 2018

2 Replies to “Is The West’s Hacking Self-Righteousness Really Justified?”

  1. We’re all at it, RJA, it’s just great fun to keep pointing at the Bad Guys, the Boogey Men, and hit the headlines.

    We’ve got to keep that fear going at all costs. More military spending to keep that great dividend spouting war machine going. While schools and infrastructure and health care founder.



  2. WWW – it’s just the 21st century way of spying – an honorable institution since days of yore (at least, for those spying for one’s country, not against it!)
    America and it’s puppets governments in the West are using Russia, Iran, and China for propaganda purposes. It’s so blatant, but as usual the couch potatoes lap it up and help stir the pot of hatred and fear. Behind it all is U.S. economics – military economics – to keep the billions of dollars flowing to the great military-industrial complex. Eisenhower must be spinning in his grave.

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