Is The Glass Half Empty – Or Brimming Over?

It’s truly fascinating the differences encountered between the various news media reporting on Iraq these days. Mainstream media videos show Iraqis wandering happily around the various markets; normal life, as though no war had ever been encountered.

BBC World America recently made much of a Baghdad park full of picnickers, small children happily playing on swings and slides and, just tonight in Basra, a shopping mall packed with happy-faced customers.

Leila Fadel of McClatchy reports on her blog today:

“In Basra the city is rivers of sewage, destroyed buildings and bridges from war after war after war…………Every day I pass by the same buildings destroyed during the U.S. led invasion in my neighborhood in Baghdad. Every day they look exactly the same, a pile of rubble. The electricity problem seems to be getting worse; Iraqis have an average of about four hours of electricity a day. While there is talk of reconstruction, a bridge here, flowers planted there the people don’t feel a change.”[1]

Sometimes it’s hard to grant any credibility whatever to the mainstream media. The problem is, they’re fooling a lot of people.

Thank God for McClatchy.

[1] “Bridges and Water and Power, Oh No!” Baghdad Observer, Aug 5th 2008

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