Is McCain Already The Next President?

There’s a story in Rolling Stone this month. It’s one every American should read. Award-winning investigative journalist, Greg Palast, and voting rights lawyer, Robert F Kennedy Jr, reveal the shocking tale of how the 2008 presidential election may already have been stolen by the GOP.

Impossible? Watch this fifteen minute video before you decide. You really can’t afford not to.

Convinced? Or, perhaps, still not quite sure, but certainly concerned there may be an element of truth in it?

Read the full story in Rolling Stone.[1] Then check out ‘StealBackYourVote.Org’[2] for further information.

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose – except your right to a democratic vote.

The links are set out below.

[1] “Block The Vote”, Rolling Stone, October 20th 2008

[2] “Steal Back Your Vote”, StealBackYourVote.Org

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3 Replies to “Is McCain Already The Next President?”

  1. Hmmmmm. Serious considerations, especially for the swing states, NM and CO.
    Not much folk like me can do except vote (provided that they’ve added me to their list in OK ). My vote is unlikely to make much difference as to which candidate becomes president, but you never know. It might just help get rid of Sen. James (Global Warming is a Hoax)Inhofe though.

  2. No surprises in this evil,fascist regime, RJA. I can’t see the video (damn dial-up) but I read the article. Well researched, documented and written. If you’ll excuse the metaphor though, isn’t it like pissing against the wind?

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