Iraq – The Perfect Solution

The president of the United States is impaled on the horns of a dilemma. He needs a foolproof solution to what seems an insoluble problem.

The situation in Iraq has reached stalemate. George W Bush, while pretending to spend the holidays deep in contemplation of the problem, is really in despair. His choices: send in more troops to aggravate the already grave civil disturbances experienced by Iraqis, or remove the troops and aggravate the already grave civil disturbances experienced by Iraqis.

There is, however, one remedy no-one’s thought of. It’s really the only sensible solution to the problem.

Question: when was the only time this century that Iraq had a stable government, virtually no civil unrest, and a relatively healthy economy?

Answer: before the Iraq War.

All George W Bush has to do is release Saddam Hussein from prison and hand him back the Iraqi presidency, while bringing all American troops back home.

Problem solved.

Mind, they’ll have to be quick about implementing it, or it will be too late.

Of course, that would then leave the vexed question of three thousand dead American soldiers. Who would be responsible?

Well, the Iraqis would be only to happy to hang somebody in place of Saddam………..

Any ideas?

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  1. Donald Rumsfeld would be a good candidate for that position. I think he’s looking for a job at the moment. If we could get Tony Blair to fly in from his island getaway, I think he would be happy to cheer them on as Donald swings.

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