Instructions To A Child On How To Die

This verified tweet reveals one result of America’s addiction to guns and violence: a society no longer caring for kid’s minds (the effect of such instructions on a small child must be traumatic), just making dubious and pathetic efforts to spare a few more young lives in the event of an all too common school shooting.

There’s a lot of religion adrift in America, but the words of Jeremiah 5:21, from the Bible they love to quote, don’t seem to figure in it:

‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’

2 Replies to “Instructions To A Child On How To Die”

  1. Thanks for the last 2 posts, RJ. I simply could not bring myself to write anything on this dreadful topic – all I felt able to do without having a major BP incident was put (again) a relevant note in my sidebar. I do not know how the powers that be can live with themselves!
    And take a look at this, RJ
    Nobody cares.
    It’s beyond ridiculous. Young people can’t go have a drink (alcohol) until age 21, but they can buy on of these hand held death machines!

  2. Twilight – ah, but Mister Trump’s taking action. He’s trying to ban the sale of bump stocks. But, hang on! The Florida shooter wasn’t using a bump stop – was he?
    Your link says it all. The country’s a madhouse.

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