Inauguration Day

Frankly, I’m not a great one for spectacle. At the tender age of six I found Queen Liz II’s coronation a total bore – mind, it was in black and white on a nine inch screen and our living room crowded with neighbours. We had the only set in the street!

Apart from America always needing to do everything bigger and (no, not necessarily better) than anyone else, I fail to see why it has to be such a long, drawn-out, bit of theatre. After all, no other country in the western world makes such a fuss whenever it’s government changes. Let’s be honest, in Britain it’s one out and one in, and all over. Even Mrs Thatcher only managed half a saintly ode before being whisked into No 10 and the door closed firmly behind her.

I suppose it’s all about stirring the patriotic fervour. Get ’em all going with a good rendering of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” a few hefty speeches on how the ‘Shining City on a Hill’ rules the world and is hellbent on spreading freedom and democracy, then they can go back to bombing the shit out of us all knowing the citizenry aren’t going to complain too much because now they’ve had the affirmation that it’s their God-given right.

Trump, Clinton, whoever…they’ll only cause more trouble and strife in the world. Obama, Bush Jnr, Clinton, Bush Snr, Reagan, Carter – have any of them managed four years without bombing some country to bits? That’s okay, you can take your time…

Let’s be honest, they’re all wannabe dictators. The only difference between the previous and the new is that this latest addition doesn’t care who knows it.

I hope I’m not coming across as too cynical?

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  1. I’ve just watched the Inauguration ceremony – I’m the type who’s inclined to tear up at a simple parade marching down any street in any town so…. LOL!

    While I’m not feeling as euphoric as I did at this time in 2008 (and look what happened after that!) I’m not feeling as badly as I expected to feel about President Trump. He’s anti-establishment (according to his fiery speech) and so am I – that’s something!

    I had a giggle at Ricky Perry, seated just behind Trump before the actual swearing i n. Camera caught him in the corner of its lens, over The Donald’s shoulder chewing gum and spitting it forward between his teeth, then carrying on chewing….

    I’m avoiding further TV coverage – especially MSNBC and their doom-laden declarations.

    I suppose all the razzmatazz given to inaugurations here is just a more frequent and regular equivalent to coronations of monarchs in the UK. I too remember Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, and our piling into the front room of the one person in my grandparents’ village who had a tiny screened TV (it was the pub landlady’s front room). The show was enlivened by the landlady’s two young sons who had quick wits and good sense of humour – they kept us giggling through most of it.

  2. I didn’t watch any part of the Tangerine investiture. No stomach for the narcissistic rapist.

    And war. Incessant, everlasting. I remember how prescient Taylor Caldwell was all those years ago. The backroom war mongers give us the illusion of democracy.

    I like the new look on the blog, mate. Be careful! We might think you’re cheerful or sommat.


  3. Twilight – I think there were a lot of people worldwide who were ‘tearing-up’ at the inauguration, though probably most didn’t do so for the same reasons as you. 😉

    I’ve never had much time for the ‘stuffed-shirt brigade’ (does it show?) so the whole proceeding was anathema to me. In particular because it was Trump, and most of those kissing his feet had called him fit to burn throughout the campaign. If they’d had the courage of their convictions they’d have stayed away.

    I wish I shared your optimism.

    WWW – Yes, indeed, Taylor Caldwell was just one who accurately foretold the future.

    Me, cheerful? God forbid!

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