4 Replies to “In The Eye Of The Beholder”

  1. I was expecting more from you, than this cheap, slanderous and totally unreasonable comaprison! Shame on you, R.J.! You owe an apology to Gollum!

  2. I think Gollum looks older and Cheney is working to achieve in his true golden years the grace and savour faire of Gollum

  3. Pekka – Ah, you are so right. Gollum, forgive me! Such an insult was insensitive in the extreme.

    PM – You’re right, PM, Gollum is much too good – looking. I have found the more perfect match for our Dick. See above.

    Al – Cheney’s going to have to work a lot harder, even to approach the grace and savoir faire of Gollum.

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