In The Beginning

In the beginning was the tribe. And the tribe flourished and became great. In times of trouble, or concern, the tribe turned to the old men for advice, for the old men had lived long and were wise. They had experienced all the great world had to offer, both good and bad, and knew best how to deal with every eventuality.

When the young men and women of the tribe were in trouble the wise old men would speak to them in soft tones, explaining how best to overcome their woes. The wise men made rules for the young people of the tribe to live by, that their lives may be better and those of their children.

And the tribe flourished.

Then, certain of the young men rose up and said, “We do not need these old men to tell us how to live. They are old and weak, and we are young and strong. Let us run the tribe ourselves, and cast out the old men that they bother us no more.”

And so they persuaded the tribe to send the old men away, and the young men ruled the tribe. They changed the laws to suit themselves. They became greedy and stole from others of the tribe that they might become more powerful, until the tribe turned on the young men, saying, “We don’t want you ruling us, for you are uncaring of us, and steal from us that you might be rich and powerful and control us.”

So the young men made weapons and used those weapons to attack the tribe to control them. And the tribe scattered to all four corners of the Earth, to escape the greedy young men who would steal their possessions. But the young men went after them, to control them.

And the old men of the tribe saw what had come to pass, and nodded sagely to each other.

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  1. And the old men of the tribe saw what had come to pass, and nodded sagely to each other

    And the old women picked up their knitting and gathered around town squares awaiting The Revolution. 😉

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