In Defence Of “Anti-Semitism”

My God! It’s so convenient, isn’t it? Take a fledgling nation occupied by people from all corners of the world, give them a persecution complex that allows them to get away with similar mass murder as they themselves once suffered, and call it – Israel. Then, dare to complain about their treatment of the neighbors.

What will they call you? An Anti-Semite!

This writer is not an anti-Semite. In fact, he’s not an anti-anything, provided that is the “anything” is contained within personal belief and not thrust down the throats of those not wishing to hear it, or used as a stick to beat those with dissimilar views. Unfortunately, members of the so-called “Jewish lobby”, a group determined to keep America firmly allied to Israel, despite the latter’s almost Nazi-like persecution of those whose land it usurped, are only too ready and willing to smear the good name of anyone daring to criticize Jewish Israeli practices, and the readiness of America to cuddle up in what is obviously a violation of all that is humane and reasonable.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, two eminent US scholars, have recently found themselves the subjects of just such a smear. Even US presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, was quick to join the attack.

Last year, the two academics wrote a London Review of Books essay on the Israel Lobby. They were castigated by the Washington Post, who described their work as anti-Semitic; by William Kristol, who called it “anti-Judaism”, while the New York Sun compared them to the white supremacist, David Duke. All of which simply serves as an example of the depths of depravity plumbed by US commentators and journalists.

Mearsheimer and Walt have now expanded their essay into a book. Once again, their reputations are being dragged over the coals by a pro-Jewish gutter press hell-bent on stamping out any criticism of Israel, even when the analysis is fair, balanced, and obvious to all not constrained by the blinkers of imposed Semitic disapproval.

It really is time to bury the Holocaust, particularly its use as an excuse to perpetrate crimes against humanity. Mearsheimer and Walt have had the courage to stand up and criticize a deplorable section of the Washington powerbase deliberately using its influence with the American government to foster its own self-centered ends in the Middle East, while utilizing methods to subjugate its neighbors that have long been condemned by the United Nations.

If daring to criticize Israeli inhumanity is anti-Semitic, then Sparrow Chat is proud to be called Anti-Semitic. In fact, the Israel lobby is using the fear and psycho-blackmail of anti-semitism to further its nefarious ends. The term “anti-Semitic” has, thanks to the Israeli lobby, become synonymous with Nazism and Fascism. In its base form it undoubtedly is, but some members of the Jewish community have pushed the phrase a step further, utilizing it to cover any criticism of Jewish/Israeli policies; conjuring a slur that stifles honest debate. It is impossible to assume this a less than deliberate, connived, device.

Mearsheimer and Walt have taken a courageous step by publishing their book. Sparrow Chat is happy to support them. It is hoped that at least some Americans will do the same.

Guardian report on Mearsheimer and Walt available HERE.

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7 Replies to “In Defence Of “Anti-Semitism””

  1. I agree with everything you said. I found the essay to be based in fact, not venom. The hysterical reaction to the essay and now the book does, I feel, support the contentions of Messrs. Walt and Meersheimer.

  2. Thank you for publishing on behalf of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. Their book is on my must buy list. By coincidence, just last night Trophy Wife and I finally watched Munich, which we had been putting off for months, jamming up our NetFlix queue. We both dreaded a quasi-documentary which showed scenes of Palestinian squalor. (We prefer escapist fare.) It turned out not to be the case, of course, which you would know if you have seen it. Not anticipated, however, was its applicably to our indiscrimnate post-911 revenge. As Henry Kissinger said, “Because Afghanistan was not enough.”

    The quote of the movie was:

    I knew guys like you in the army. You do any terrifying thing you’re asked to do, but you have to do it running. You think you can outrun your fears, your doubts. The only thing that really scares you guys is stillness.

  3. Al – finally recognition at the highest academic levels for a situation we are all aware of, but are made to feel uneasy of discussing by those who will go to great lengths to suppress debate. In that sense, the Israel lobby is on par with the NRA.

    Vigilante – I haven’t seen “Munich”. I do tend to shy away from Hollywood re-creations, given their penchant for liberal interpretation. I well remember the incident, however, and its aftermath. In some respects I understand your comparison, though there have been many similar examples throughout history, not least the indiscriminate firebombing of German towns by the American and British towards the end of WW2. For me, perhaps the most pitiable aspect was the utter failure of the German authorities to handle the situation. Had they reacted in a more professional manner, it’s likely many lives would have been saved. As for the Israeli political machine, it has long been as barbaric and bloodthirsty in its actions as any terrorist group.

    NYM – you raise an often overlooked point. It is a sad fact that Homo sapiens tend to lump all under one umbrella. We need always to remember it is not the ordinary people who create these situations, but those few who hold the reigns of power and manipulate us all for their own purposes.

    Flimsy – thanks for that. It was an interesting discussion and one I hadn’t previously viewed.

  4. For a concise overview of the problems with the Walt-Mearsheimer essay and book, see the 5 page pdf at this link.

    This pdf is being widely disseminated in academia, industry and government.

  5. Eris – I don’t know who you are. I have no means of knowing if you are a person capable of reason, or a just another crazed fanatic, but simply because those with extreme views against Israel choose to use this work as a tool to further their own ends, is no reason to condemn it. “Rent-a-Mob” will always leap on any available bandwagon they think will lend them credence. The Israel lobby exists. It is a fact. Its methods are highly dubious and arguably in Israel’s interests at the expense of the rest of the world. No-one, except extremists, would deny Israel’s right to exist as a nation, but the methods it employs to achieve those ends are both brutal and counter-productive. America’s continuing support, and that of its allies, for those methods is unacceptable and is plunging this world into chaos. I would ask why you are so keen to discredit this work? Why are you so frightened of it? You know it’s not the ravings of a lunatic fringe like David Duke or Mark Weber. The very fact that this work is responded to with such vigor to condemn is proof there is a problem. I would respectfully suggest that problem is in your head, rather than mine.

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