I’m Just Nipping Across The Road To Take Out My Neighbor’s Appendix

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn says we don’t need healthcare reform – just a little more ‘neighborliness’.

I guess we have to hope this woman has a brain surgeon living on her left, and a speech therapist across the street.

And, maybe, a couple of trained nurses with nothing better to do, just down the road.

Has anyone ever done a survey on the number of total prats in the United States government?

Or, is it just too big a job?

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3 Replies to “I’m Just Nipping Across The Road To Take Out My Neighbor’s Appendix”

  1. I thought I couldn’t be any more surprised by this healthcare infotainment spectacle and then I get gobsmacked yet again by the dimbulbs continually shooting themselves in the feet.
    If so many people weren’t dying because of lack of reform it would be downright hilarious.
    The insurance companies, of course, are laughing along with me. On their way to the bank.

  2. Oh! when I saw this video yesterday my head nearly exploded, and I bashed out a post which I couldn’t possibly publish .
    The Oklahoma senators are two of the most despicable in the Senate James (global warming is a hoax)Inhofe, and Tom (“go beg to your neighbours, bitch!”) Coburn.

    (I borrowed the latter comment from a string I saw yesterday.)

    I dare not think about it too much or I’d be on the next flight to Blighty. 🙁

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