Illegal – America’s Biggest Crop………

Each year, the United States grows $23 billion worth of corn; $17.6 billion worth of soybean, and $12.2 billion worth of hay.

Each year, the United States grows $35.8 billion worth of marijuana – 10,000 tons. That makes it America’s biggest cash crop.

It seems America’s “War on drugs” is as effective as its “War on Terror”.

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4 Replies to “Illegal – America’s Biggest Crop………”

  1. I’m definitely for legalizing marijuana. The pill form does not relieve pain. It has to be smoked to get the relief. The medical community knows this, but the government won’t let them change the laws to provide the pain relief patients need. I’d say, the gov looses on many levels – humane care and wars.

  2. PoP – we’re not very good at wars – period.

    Flimsy – I have to admit to a similar thought as I was writing the piece.

    PM – absolutely. I believe all drugs should be legalized, even hard drugs. Take out the illegal pushers and the battle is won. Addicts need help to control their addiction, not jail-time.

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