If This Is Putin’s Russia……?

Not to be outdone by my old blogging pal over at TOB’s Place who recently graced his front page with the image of a nude lady from Portland, Colorado, here’s one I unearthed earlier:

If you’re still of the opinion Russia is inhabited with gruff, overweight, female crane-drivers in bearskin coats and smoking cheroots, this picture was snapped by a reporter from a local Russian newspaper as the lady in question was returning to her car from the grocery store.

Does the West really want a new Cold War? How about a little detente, comrade?

Oh, and yes, the car is a Ferrari.

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3 Replies to “If This Is Putin’s Russia……?”

  1. It isn’t like she is driving the car – just ruining the pimp’s seat covers! Now this is nudity that is interesting.

  2. I often wanted to punish businesses that overcharge and cheat. Gives me an plan, though I think I would just make a butt-shaped cutout of rubber.

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