Icy Hot – But Not A Patch On H.G. Wells

The US military is blowing hot and cold these days. Always on the look out for new and weird weapons, they have taken a leaf out of H.G Wells’ “War of the Worlds”, and invented a Martian heat-ray.

Well, that’s actually an exaggeration, given that this heat-ray isn’t lethal, but it is capable of emitting a high energy beam – up to 550 yards – that causes a burning sensation impossible to tolerate. It will penetrate clothes and heat up the victim’s skin to an unpleasant 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sounds like a useful tool for a police state.

Not yet off the drawing board, and definitely at the other end of the Fahrenheit scale, is a new idea the US military hopes will help it defeat enemies in hot, arid climates like Iraq and Afghanistan – if only they can find someone to invent it.

Spray-on plastic black ice would, say the military, confound the enemy and prevent them getting to grips when it came to fighting. As well as the plastic ice, the military will require a spray-on antidote so they aren’t ‘slip, slidin’ away’ with the enemy.

Of course, they won’t know if it works till someone invents it for them, but if all else fails they can always use it to cool down the poor devils fried by their heat-ray.

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