I Think I’ve Finally Stopped Laughing…….

Just as I was complaining the US political conventions were a total bore, along comes John McCain with the biggest joke since Tony Blair embraced popery. It’s not enough that McCain’s chosen a woman as his VP nominee, an obvious attempt to rub Hillary Clinton’s nose in the dirt, but he’s also managed to choose a woman no-one’s ever heard of.

Perhaps the only conclusion that can be drawn from McCain’s decision to pick (hang on while I look her up), oh, yes, Sarah Palin, is that here is a deliberate, even blatant, ploy to hook the Hillary Clinton supporters sufficiently brassed by Obama’s nomination they are capable of switching party allegiance solely to display their inane malice. (See previous post: “A Load Of Sticky Meringue” Sparrow Chat, August 26th 2008)

The choice of Ms Palin is a bolt from the blue; a complete secret even from the Republican party hierarchy. Apparently, only John McCain knew – oh, and Maria Bartiromo of NBC, who happened to interview her last week.

How these coincidences just fall from the sky.

Sarah Palin is reputed to be an ex Alaska beauty queen and ‘Miss Congeniality’. While risking the accusation of sexism from some of my readers, having seen Ms Palin one surely has to question whether the other contestants were selected from the local Alaskan grizzly bear and moose community.

More importantly, while her qualification for beauty queen is entirely subjective, the ideals inside her head lend themselves to a somewhat more objective approach. A passion for firearms, coupled with total loyalty to the National Rifle Association; determination to increase oil and gas drilling in the, as yet, pristine Alaska wilderness; an obsessive approach to abortion causing her to birth a Down’s Syndrome child, even though tests revealed the condition while termination was still a practical possibility, and a passion for the death-penalty, all give cause for concern.

In a free country, the preceding list provides acceptable beliefs for any individual. Sarah Palin, though, makes it quite clear she is prepared to work her butt off to ensure we all comply with her ideals. Suddenly, the governor from Alaska turns into a bitch from Hell.

Those Americans considering voting for the McCain/Palin ticket may wish to pause a moment and ponder the following: today is McCains 72nd birthday. He’s not in the best of health. If he were to die while in office, he would bequeath to the nation a successor with virtually no experience of political office, no foreign policy experience, and a bevy of ill-thought-out ideals. Exactly the kind of person he’s spent many months attempting to have us believe is Barack Obama.

If this is an example of McCain’s decision-making, then I for one would prefer neither he, nor his vice-presidential choice, was the one answering the White House telephone at 3.00am.

Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin: Oh, please, America, is there really a choice?

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4 Replies to “I Think I’ve Finally Stopped Laughing…….”

  1. I find it amazing and an indication of the caliber of McCain’s judgment that he would choose someone with even less experience than Obama. Obama’s lack of experience was really the only major advantage McCain had and he blew it.

  2. Have to agree with all you said RJ and good going after her on the issues….bringing in the “lack of experience” argument is not a good idea and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Let the repubs do that themselves…already saw Kondracke on Faux news blasting her on it and he was harsh. We don’t need to go there and it’s likely to backfire on us if we do.

  3. I sometime think the less experience (like criminals) the better. Cheney is the most experienced person in politics.

  4. At last! We agree on something political, RJ! 🙂

    Yesterday I scooted around the blogs which have been sustaining me during past months, while Hillary Clinton was still in the running.
    I was gobsmacked to see that they are so blinded with hatred for Obama and the DNC that they now defend Palin and will vote for the Republican ticket with glee – simply out of resentment and spite.
    I had a lot of time for these people, ’til now. I can’t even bear to read their silly rantings anymore. They are willing to sell out their country because of personal resentment. Grrrrr!

    I distrust Obama, but it seems we’re stuck with him, with Biden as VP I feel a lot better about the situation.

    Sarah Palin is probably a capable, talented lady – but damn it she seems more to the right than McCain. Creationist, gun lover, pro-life, goodness knows what else. She scares me, far more than McCain, Romney or even Huckabee.

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